Golden Frontier Unreleased Farmers Competition Update

The information posted is based on the VK Version of the game. Changes of information, quests, translations, recipes, etc can happen when/if it is released to Face Book! 

This update is based on a Top 100 competition using recipes crafted to earn prizes for 3 leagues based on your game level. You will place Farmers Competition stall and fill each stage. After completing the Farmers Stall you can participate if you choose in the Top 100 competition.

There is a 5 day quest timer when starting to finish all levels of the Farmers competition stall! 

Farmers Competition Quests <—- Click here

Farmers Competition Update


Farmer Page 1 Farmer Page 2

Farmer Page 3 Farmer Page 4

The Agronomist House (click the picture below to see build info and recipes) The First one costs 750 coins. Each Agronomist House purchase after will cost 20 GF Bucks!

Agronomist House second Agronomist House

Farmer’s Competition Stall (click the picture below for stage levels and top 100 information)

Farmer's Competition

To prepare for the update, you will need to stock up on work gloves and high quality soil (free gifts) Flower Fertilizer, Garden Shovels, Fertilizer, Heat, Water, Brushwood, Grass, Wood and Iron. 

Note: The Times have been changed to be quicker than we previously posted. These are the most current changes for harvest. 

Don’t use all your Fertilizer on them as it is also used in new recipes for the Farmers Competition Stall!

New Changes to crops


Bilberries use 2 water for each plant.

Bilberry take 2 water each

New Recipes

Agronomist House  Fertilizer to Flowerbeds

Fertilizer to Flowerbeds (Agronomist House)

Select Zucchini (New Recipe info… Craft time is longer)

Select Zucchini Recipe (Agronomist House)

Select Eggplant (New Info… Craft time is longer)

Select eggplant

Barn: Select Bilberry

Select Bilberry Recipe (Barn)

Workshop: Ash

Ash Recipe (workshop)

Fertilizer to Shrubs

Fertilizer to Shrubs Recipe (Workshop)


Remember, you don’t have to participate in the Top 100. You can just fill the Farmer’s Competition stall to level 5 and get some pretty nice bonuses. (Don’t forget to place them!)


Also new to Vk… the Select Bilberry, Select Zucchini and Select Eggplant recipes that are crafted for the Farmer’s Competition Stall and the Top 100 Competition are NOT sendable/giftable this time around… so if you choose to go for the Top 100… you are crafting on your own!!

Top 100 items NOT sendable


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