Golden Frontier Bandit Town Quests

These are the 17 quests associated with this update. They are in no particular order.

Let’s Go (Going to Johntown will activate the 30 day quest)

Golden Frontier Let's Go Quest

We Need Order  (Finishing this quest in the allotted 30 days will give you an accountant that gives 1 buck a day for 30 days plus these other rewards.

Golden Frontier We Need Order Quest Accountant

New Tools

Golden Frontier New Tools Quest

New Resources

Golden Frontier New Resources Quest

Act Quietly

Golden Frontier Act Quietly Quest

Weapon Racks

Golden Frontier Weapon Racks Quest

Wave of Arrests

Golden Frontier Wave of Arrests Quest

All the Best

Golden Frontier All the Best Quest

Weapon and Medicine

Golden Frontier Weapon and Medicine Quest

Pacifism for Everybody

Golden Frontier Pacifism for Everybody Quest

Sheriff’s Place

Golden Frontier Sheriff's Place Quest

Down With Illegality

Golden Frontier Down With Illegality Quest

We Have to Return the Saloon

Golden Frontier We Have to Return the Saloon Quest

Thorough Cleaning

Golden Frontier Thorough Cleaning Quest

Poor Bandit or Sly Bandit

Golden Frontier Poor Bandit or Sly Bandit Quest

Unscheduled Repair

Golden Frontier Unscheduled Repair Quest

Better Than Before

Golden Frontier Better Than Before Quest

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