Golden Frontier Unreleased Protective Update



Players will be constructing forts (Protective & Fortified). The goals in this update are directly associated to these forts whereby players need to purchase, place and fill these up. Both forts can be visited by your neighbors who assist filling them up when they click and FIRST TIME EVER both forts can be filled up by players crafting items to use on their OWN forts.

When collecting Oak wood, it will cost players 5 energy per chop so STOCK UP ON ENERGY NOW. Oak wood is used to craft items to use on your own fort. OAK WOOD will come from OAK TREES only at JOHNTOWN location when THIS update is released. These new trees are LIMITED in numbers at Johntown so do not be chopping & giving your oak wood away, you will need every splinter you get!
  • Review all build stages below & recipes & begin obtaining available resources & crafting available recipes
  • Update wishlist with Worker Gloves, Drafts
  • When Protective Update is released, immediately update wishlist with newest free gift item (Iron Details).
  • OAK TREES, which produce oak wood, ARE LIMITED in numbers at Johntown. When chopping & acquiring this new wood, you are best saving it as you will need it. Perhaps in a later/future update we will have more access to this type of new oak wood

PROs to this update – players can craft items to use on their own new forts to help fill it quicker!
CONs to this update – one of these forts will cost players 30 GF bucks (Fortified). đŸ˜¦
PROs to this update. When crafting recipes & filling YOUR OWN forts with your items, you get extra energy to accumulate.
CONs to this update. When clicking on neighbor forts, YOU DO NOT get extra energy.
PROs to this update. Only the PROTECTIVE FORT has a 6 (5) day timer attached on to have it completely filled (Fortified does not have any timer). Concentrate on saving energy, visiting & chopping Oak Trees to obtain the wood needed to fill up your Protective Fort. Along with you acquiring oak wood yourself & using oak wood on your own for, plus with visiting neighbors clicking, you can indeed have a full Protective Fort before the timer expires. KEY: MOVE THE FORT TO THE ‘LOADING’ ZONE (area you first see when your game loads, preferably by the ‘broken boat’ sitting on the river stream).
CONs to this updates. The Forts, once fully built, appear to become useless non-gifting

Yes there will be a goals that require players to purchase both of these forts. It is up to the player if they wish to ignore the goal path involving the purchase of the Fortified fort, all goals associated with that quest line & the rewards





The Fortified Fort will require 250 ‘neighbor clicks’ or ‘self-Fillers’:
level 1 = 0 -10
level 2 = 11 – 30
level 3 = 31 – 65
level 4 = 66 – 125
level 5 = 126 – 250


The Protective Fort will require 300 ‘neighbor clicks’ or ‘self-fillers’:
level 1 = 0 – 15
level 2 = 16 – 35
level 3 = 36 – 75
level 4 = 76 – 150
level 5 = 151 – 300





Remember… limited amount so use wisely!!

Quests, not in any order


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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Unreleased Protective Update

  1. Mandy Amphlett says:

    Can we start collecting Oak wood now? before the release?

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