Golden Frontier Unreleased Production Update


With this update we will use the Workshop, Sawmill, Foundry,  New Johntown Well and Smithy for crafting recipes. With the quests there is a 5 day timer to complete the Barn. 

Unreleased quests <—- click here to view.

Put Work gloves and Iron Parts in your wishlist

Shop Page 1 Shop Page 2

The Building Well when fully constructed, will be used to craft Technical Water that is used to construct the other two buildings. (it isn’t regular water)


Building Well Stages:

Well Stage 1 Well Stage 2

Well Stage 3







Warehouse Premises

Warehouse Premises

Building Stages

Warehouse Stage 1 Warehouse Stage 2

Warehouse stage 3






Town Barn


Building Stages

City Barn Stage 1 City Barn Stage 2

City Barn Stage 3

New Recipes: Workshop



Smithy: Rough Metal

Rough Metal

Sawmill: Wooden Rivet

Wooden Rivet



Building Well: Technical Water

Technical Water

Foundry: Concrete

Concrete (foundry)

The new buildings can be stored, but cannot be placed on other Territories, only Johntown

Well Not storable

Also new to Johntown are Heapstones that you collect Gravel from. These are in limited supply and use 5 Energy per click to collect.

Heap Stones





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