Golden Frontier Unreleased Gangster Update

Prepare yourselves!!! We will have a new Territory filled with bandits and a need to rescue poor Mary who has been KIDNAPPED!!!

Gangster Update

Here are some shots of the New Bandit’s Gorge Territory. There are New Bandits and a new Weapon Rack to clear plus 5 blockages to stop you on your way to rescuing Mary… Fear NOT… You can do this!!  We really only use the Smithy and Workshops to craft the main items in this update, plus a new item… Bandit Badge to add to our wish list… You may want to stock up on Work Gloves for this update!

New Territory

New Territory Page 1

New Territory Page 3

New Territory Page 5

Bandit shop page 1

Bandit shop page 2

New Bandit Collection

Bandit Collection

New Wish List Item (Bandit Badge)

Bandit Badge New Free Gift

New Smithy Crafts: Big Axe

Big Axe Recipe (smithy)

Large Shovel

Large Shovel Recipe (smithy)

Strong Knife

Strong Knife Recipe (smithy)

Workshop: Ransom

Ransom Recipe (workshop)

Strong Handle

Strong Handle Recipe (workshop)


Tightrope Recipe (workshop)

New Bandits mean new way of clearing them

Catching Bandits

Catching bandit material

New Weapon Racks

Weapon Rack

Materials to clear Weapon Racks

Weapon Rack Materials

There are 5 Blockages that will have to be cleared before you can rescue Mary…. These are all the materials required to clear the blockages… 

Blockage 1

1st stone blockage stage 1

1st Blockage stage 2

Blockage 2

2nd Blockade Stage 1

2nd Blockade Stage 2

Blockage 3

3rd Blockage Stage 1

3rd blockage stage 2

Blockage 4

4th Blockage Stage 1

4th Blockage Stage 2

Blockage 5

5th Blockage Stage 1

5th Blockage Stage 2

Rescuing Mary

Rescuing Mary

Rescuing Mary1

Rescuing Mary rewards

These are the quests, and there is a 5 day timed quest to rescue Mary… But here is a big tip: None of the other quests are timed… In order to Rescue Mary, you need to clear all the blockages first… so focus on getting the blockages cleared so you can rescue Mary… Worry about clearing the weapon Racks and catching Bandits later!!

Forward to Help

Forward to help quest

Road Blocked

Road Blocked Quest

Deliver Hot Mary (5 day timed quest)

Deliver Hot Mary Timed Quest

Particularly Dangerous

Particularly Dangerous Quest

Read Operation

Read Operation Quest

We Will Need to Neutralize the Bandits

We Need to Neutralize the Bandits Quest

Debris on the Roads

Debris on the Roads Quest

Bandits Weapons

Bandits Weapons Quest

Complete Disarmament

Complete Disarmament Quest

It is Useful to Us

It is Useful to Us Quest

Go Further

Go Further Quest

Hard Work

Hard Work Quest

Isolation Close

Isolation Close Quest

Deliver Mary

Deliver Mary Quest



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