Golden Frontier Unreleased April Fools Update

April Fool’s day is approaching!! We will be putting our Kitchens, Smithys and Workshops to good use in this quite simple update! New trades in the Trading post to make life a bit easier and we will be able to change our Avatar Clothing as well! There is a quest with a timed element, but honestly we were able to complete it with plenty of time to spare! Use those “urgent orders!”

April Fools Day

April Fools Shop page 1

april fools shop page 2

april fools shop page 3

Make sure you update your wish list!

New wish list item

Newest Building we will need to build is the “House of Laughter” which when fully built you can collect “Merry Coins.” Cost of the first build is 5 Gold Nuggets, and the cost of building a second House of Laughter is 25 White Gold.

second house of laughter

Laughter House

Laughter House Stage 1

Laughter House Stage 2

Laughter House Stage 3

Laughter House Stage 4

Laughter House Stage 5

Collect “Merry Coins,” from your House of Laughter every 24 hours and use them to trade in the trading post and change your Avatar Clothing!

Rewards from Laughter House

Newest Recipes are…

Kitchen: Cake with Firecrackers

Cake with Firecrackers (kitchen)

Smithy: Firecrackers

firecrackers (smithy)


Sparklers (smithy)

Workshop: Mustache Disguise

Mustache disguise (workshop)

Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog (Workshop)

Inflatable Balloons

inflatable balloons

Newest items to trade in the Trading post will use The new “Merry Coins” 



New Trading Post Items page 3

New Trading Post Items page 4

That being said… The Lucky update is TEMPORARY… so it may be a wise choice to do some more trading with Brian and purchase a few of the Holiday Booths from the Lucky Shop BEFORE The Lucky Shop disappears for good! The Holiday Booths will give lucky coins every day and you can use them to trade for the items that are harder to craft….

Lucky Shop

The Holiday Booth gives 5 Lucky coins every 12 hours, so you can collect 10 Lucky coins a day from just 1 Holiday Booth!

Lucky coins

To change Avatar clothing just click on your Avatar and it will take you to change your clothing or purchase new clothing.


avatar clothing

These are the quests not necessarily in order. There are 10 quests total.

Back to the Excavation

Back to the Excavation Quest

Best Anecdote

Best anecdote quest

Best in the End

Best in End Quest

Funny Little Things

funny little things quest

Get Ready For Fun

Get Ready for Fun Quest

I’m Not Kidding!

I'm not kidding Quest

Joke For Friends

Joke for Friends Quest

Smile More

Smile More Quest

Time to Dress

Time to Dress Quest

Urgently Need House of Laughter 4 day timed quest…..

Urgently Need House of Laughter Quest


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