Golden Frontier Lucky Update Quests

These are the quests released with the Lucky Update on 3/17/2016. Be careful… You can make all the crafted items ahead of time and not even need to trigger the Timed 2 day quest until you want to trigger it!

Questline 1 Red In Green

Golden Frontier Red in Green Quest

Let the Luck be With Us

Golden Frontier Let the Luck Be With Us Quest

Green is A New Black

Golden Frontier Green is a New Black Quest

Luck For Our Friends

Golden Frontier Luck For Our Friends Quest

Something Minor, but Very Pleasant

Golden Frontier Something Minor But Very Pleasant Quest

Expensive Taste

Golden Frontier Expensive Taste Quest

Interesting Reward (Finishing this quest will trigger the 3 day Timed Quest to trade With Brian) Remember… you can make everything ahead before trading with Brian and then not even bat an eye at the timed quest!

Golden Frontier Interesting Reward Quest

We Urgently Need Lucky Coins (3 day Timed Quest)

Golden Frontier We Urgently Need Lucky Coins Quest

Green Holiday

Golden Frontier Green Holiday Quest

Questline 2 Trust in Gold

Golden Frontier Trust in Gold Quest

Try Your Fortune

Golden Frontier Try Your Fortune Quest


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