Golden Frontier Unreleased Lucky Update

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and so is a new specially themed 2 week update that will give some really neat prizes! Barter with Brian (similar to the Sheriff) for Good Luck Coins and exchange them in the “Luck Store” for several items that give nice bonuses… including a “spinner” wheel!  An all new feature for this 2 week long event includes the opportunity to play “Mr. Fortune.” New Free gift will be a wax seal… don’t forget to update your wish list! NOTE: This is a seasonal 2 week update, and once it is gone, it is gone… this is special and will NOT be available to you later. Repeat… if you decide NOT to participate, it will NOT be available later!

Unreleased Lucky Update

Unreleased Quests… <—– click here

Lucky page 1

Lucky page 2

Lucky page 3

Lucky page 4

New Lucky Collection

Good luck collection

We will be using our Summer Kitchen, Textile Workshop, Kitchen, Smithy, Foundry and Workshop for this Part 1 update.

Meet Brian… He is who we will be bartering crafted items in exchange for Good Luck coins! As with several updates we have had already… (Sheriff, Halloween, French Artist) Brian will ask you for RANDOM crafted items. he may ask for the same item several times in a row… But he won’t ask for anything else until you give him what he wants (or skip the item with bucks… but don’t waste your bucks skipping, lol!) Items included are a Green Hat, Keg of Gold, Green Drink, Rainbow Cake, Gold Horseshoe, Green Cake and Green Thread. Remember… The Hardest to make items give the most Good Luck coins and are usually what people get stuck on… 

TIP: Hard boards require the Sturdy Rope… and that means more FUR and HORSE HAIR  so keep em pumping, and if you are low on gold nuggets, start crafting pickaxes… you will need gold nuggets in 2 of the recipes, plus to trade for Fruit presses that will also be needed. Colored Powder and Fabric can be crafted ahead as well as planting Grapes. How much is required??? It all depends how many rewards you want and the cost of the rewards!!!


Brian may ask for: Green Hat

Brian barter for green hat

Green Thread

Brian Barter for Green Thread

Keg of Gold

Brian barter keg of gold

Rainbow Cake

Brian barter Rainbow cake

Green Drink (picture coming soon)

Gold Horseshoe (picture coming soon)

Green Cake (Picture coming soon)

New recipe Information .. in the Kitchen

Green Cake

Green Cake Recipe (kitchen)

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Recipe (kitchen)

Workshop: Green Dye

Green Dye Recipe (workshop)

Green Thread

Green Thread Recipe (workshop)

Smithy: Gold Horseshoe

Gold Horseshoe recipe (smithy)

Summer Kitchen: Green Drink 

Green Drink Recipe (summer Kitchen)

Textile Workshop: Green Hat 

Green Hat Recipe (textile workshop)

Foundry: Keg of Gold 

Keg of Gold (foundry)

These are the Items you can trade the Good Luck Coins for in the good luck market. (click the clover icon in the top left of your game to get to the special market!)

  • Cauldron with Gold Gives: Wax seal, Good Luck Collection item, coins and experience.
  • Piano gives: Wheel of Fortune (spinner game)
  • Parrot in Cage gives: Colored Powder,Good Luck Collection item, coins and experience.
  • Jumping Hat gives: Fabric, Good Luck Collection item, Coins and Experience.
  • Brilliant Clover gives: Lucky Collection item, Coins and Experience.
  • Festive Stall gives: Good Luck coin, Lucky Collection item, Coins and Experience.
  • Green House gives: Strong Board, Good Luck Collection item, Coins and Experience.
  • More Energy: Reduces the time it takes for energy to be restored to your bar to 1 energy every 2 minutes. (right now it takes 3 minutes)

Lucky rewards page 1

Lucky rewards page 2

Mr. Fortune Game <—— Click here for more information



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