Golden Frontier Unreleased Spring Renewal Update

This update revolves around a new clickable… an Exhibition stall. You will need to focus on that Stall when tending neighbors, and not on Totems and circus tents. Getting the new missions done will require us to Visit our neighbors and click on that Exhibition… Similar to the Hotel.

Spring Renewal update

There is a bit of a twist with this update as well… Normally you have 1 free click and the rest costs bucks. (except the totem in which you can craft the head dress) With this, you can use the free click, and craft the bouquets in the new Florist House. Make sure you update your wish list with the new free gift (paper)

Honestly, the lower level players will need the most help, and as always…. players will rush to visit and click when the update first hits and then complain that there is nothing to click… you will need to give players time to actually wake up, and get their Exhibitions placed!!! I know we really played up the needing water crap, but honestly, you won’t need as much water as you think. You won’t be able to use the bouquets crafted for yourself, only to help other players, so you might want to save the bouquets you choose to make to help the lower level players that usually struggle. 

Spring update page 1

Spring update page 2

Spring update page 3

The Exhibition will be taken from the warehouse. (you will receive it as a quest reward) DON’T spend the 50 Bucks it costs in the shop because it honestly isn’t worth the rewards!

Place your Exhibition where your game loads so neighbors can find it and give you clicks to level it up. You get 1 free click as always.

There are 5 stages to the Exhibition

  • 1 – 15 clicks
  • 2 – 50 clicks
  • 3 – 100 clicks
  • 4 – 200 clicks
  • 5 – 300 clicks

Placing Flower Exhibition

Florist House is where the bouquets are made. Those bouquets will be used to help neighbors get their Exhibition levels up. Remember… the first few levels are easy and go quick. The last stages are harder… especially for lower level players far down on the ladder. IMO, it would be wise to wait a few hours and let players get a few levels in before using bouquets.

Florist House

Crafts in Florist House

Recipes: Usual Bouquet

Small Bouquet (florist house)

Big Bouquet

Medium Bouquet (florist house)

Bouquet with Basket

Large Bouquet (florist house)

In the Smithy : Pruning Shears

Pruning shears (smithy)

In the Workshop: Floral Tape

tape recipe (workshop)

There are 5 new Flowers. Red, white and Yellow Tulips =1 Water. Purple and White Snowdrops= 2 Water.

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers 1

This is more about tending your neighbors that anything else really… except for necessary crafting for quest requirements, it’s up to you if you decide to make the extra bouquets to speed up neighbors clicks. (Like I said in the beginning, lower levels will need the most help)

Quests: These are not necessarily in order, but you will get the gist of what will be done in them.

Ah What Flowers

Ah What Flowers Quest

Exhibition Year

exhibition of the year quest

Floral Job

Floral Job Quest


Show Time Quest

The Bigger the Better

the bigger the better quest

Where are the Best Bouquets?

Where are the best Bouquets quest

Work on Reputation

work on reputation quest

Urgently Needs Help (timed) Special Note: Using the bouquets crafted towards helping neighbors will also count for this quest! You will be able to complete this quest faster when using the bouquets to help your neighbors!

urgently needs help quest

Urgently Need Exhibition (timed)

urgently needs exhibition quest

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