Golden Frontier Unreleased Railcar Update

This is the will be the 3rd installment to the original Town Update. There are some timed elements involved and we are still working on getting information updated. Remember, names of items and elements of the game can be changed when this gets released to the Face book Version! We will again be using the Academy to invent 3 more new Schematics for the update as well!

VK Railcar Update

Railcar page 1

Railcar page 2

Academy stages of invention: You will need a total of 90 points to completely invent all 3 Schematics and be able to craft in the Town Station. Don’t forget about those collections to help you on your way!!

Running Part Invention

Academy page 1

Carload Equipment Invention


Academy page 2

Body Invention

Academy page 3

The Depot Building Stages: We had some of these translations in place before the Engineering update was released, so some names are already changed, lol!

Depot Stage 1

Depot Stage 2

Depot Stage 3

Recipes crafted in the Depot Whistle driver = Machinist’s Whistle

Railcar Wheel

Railcar Wheel Recipe

Boiler Heating

Boiler Heating Recipe

Railcar Window

Railcar Window Recipe

Railcar Bench

Railcar Shop Recipe

Cast Iron will be new for the Foundry

Cast Iron Recipe

New Recipes for the Town Station: You won’t be able to craft these until you “invent” them in the Academy.


Chassis Part Recipe

Railcar Equipment

Railcar Equipment Recipe


Body Recipe

Quest Tasks: These wont be in the best order, but will give you an idea of what to expect… They will follow similarly like the engineering update. There are a couple separate lines, but you should probably do the Academy line first, so you can be able to craft the rail car parts once you get to that area anyway since it will be timed.

Back in Town Quest

Hard as Iron Quest

Bulb Tube Quest

Designer Help Quest


A New Scheme Better Than the Old Two Quest

Scientific Stuff Quest

Carload Business Quest Facilities Quest Equipment Quest

Scientific Standard Quest


Urgently Need Cars 6 day timed quest

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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Unreleased Railcar Update

  1. Lynn Simpson says:

    This is great, Lori. So grateful for your hard work. Looking forward to the next stage of the game πŸ™‚

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