Golden Frontier Engineering Update

The Engineering Update was released on 3/3/2016. Make sure you follow the quests as they will easily guide you through this update!


Quest information <—- click here

Again we will be filling up parts of the Academy to invent 3 new schematics needed to build the Locomotive parts. You will need to finish getting all 3 schematics before you can finish building your locomotive in the Town.

Golden Frontier Academy Stage 1 engineering

Golden Frontier Academy Stage 2 (engineering)

Golden Frontier Academy Stage 3 (engineering)

The Town Bridge gets built in the set of quests following the Academy

Town Bridge: Click the picture below to see building information

Golden Frontier Town Bridge

Carriage Building Shop: Click Picture Below to see Carriage Building shop Stages and recipes. Tip: You can have more than one in a location if you have enough room as these suckers are HUGE! They are storable. OR, you can build one, store it, and build another in the same location. As long as the game thinks you don’t have one, it will let you build one in that location!

Golden Frontier Carriage Building Shop

Town Station: Click the Picture below to see building Information and Recipes. Note: This is where the Locomotive parts are built. You can only have 1 Locomotive. This building will be used in future updates!

Golden Frontier Town Station

Continental Locomotive: Click the picture below to understand how the Locomotive gets built.

Golden Frontier Continental Locomotive


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