Golden Frontier Engineering Update Quests

These are the quest tasks and I recommend following them to reduce confusion with this update. There are 2 basic quest lines. You cannot do much of the second quest line anyway since you need the schematics from finishing the Academy in order to build the locomotive!

Quest line 1

Scientific Method (Completing this quest will open a branch of quests and 1 timed quest.)

Golden Frontier Scientific Method Quest


Let’s Invent

Golden Frontier Let's Invent Quest


Golden Frontier Evolution Quest

Technological Progress

Golden Frontier Technological Progress Quest

Time of Discovery (3 day timed quest) Honestly, this one is quite easy to complete. The academy stages are quite small. Don’t forget to turn in your inventor’s collection for gears!

Golden Frontier Time of Discovery Quest

Questline 2 If you follow the quests in this order, and with the help of urgent orders, you can quite easily finish the update and timed quest quickly!


Golden Frontier Return Quest

Test Purchase

Golden Frontier Test Purchase Quest

Life in Town

Golden Frontier Life in Town Quest

On the Other Bank

Golden Frontier On the Other Bank Quest

Factory Production

Golden Frontier Factory Production Quest

High Technologies

Golden Frontier High Technologies Quest

Two on one (completing this task will have 3 branches of quests. Into the Future and Wheels are Urgently needed are the same quest only one has a 5 day timer attached)

Golden Frontier Two on One Quest


Golden Frontier Engineering Quest

Engine of Progress

Golden Frontier Engine of Progress Quest

Hard Task

Golden Frontier Hard Task Quest

Continental Project

Golden Frontier Continental Project Quest

The Machinist Likes it

Golden Frontier The Machinist Likes it Quest

Into the Future

Golden Frontier Into the Future Quest

Wheels are Urgently Needed

Golden Frontier Wheels are Urgently Needed Quest

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