Golden Frontier Continental Locomotive

The Continental Locomotive has no actual building stages, but rather is built by completing the quest Tasks.

Golden Frontier Continental Locomotive

You will end up making a Driver Wheels, Steam Generator and Machinist’s Cab (in that order). However, you must follow the tasks in order to make the next part. If you try to build out of order, you will receive this message

Make previous Materials

Hard Task starts the Locomotive build.

Golden Frontier Hard Task Quest

Then Continental Project

Golden Frontier Continental Project Quest

Finally, The Machinist Likes it. Your Locomotive will be complete after making the Machinist’s Cab.

Golden Frontier The Machinist Likes it Quest

When you finish, it will be 24 hours until you can collect the bonus from the Locomotive. You receive Coins, Experience Locomotive Collection item and a Hard Alloy. You will be able to collect once every 24 hours unless you decide to speed up collecting by using bucks.

Continental Locomotive Rewards


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