Golden Frontier Unreleased Engineering Update

The Engineering Update is part 2 of the Town Territory. FYI, it will be better to finish building your town, than to start this one as there are some timed elements to the quests. For beginning players, I suggest NOT tackling the newest releases until you have established yourself with basic buildings, and finishing the earliest releases. Those beginning buildings are the foundation you stand on and without them you will easily become frustrated. Remember… this is a GAME and should be FUN!

Engineering Update

Dear friends! Feel like a real designer, scientist and inventor in our engineering update! In this update: – Repair the railway bridge in the town! – Learn new techniques in the Academy! – Build your locomotive to get valuable bonuses, and in the future to go on an exciting trip! – New items and collections…..

Unreleased Quests  Click here for details!

Engineering update page 1

Engineering update page 2

Engineering update page 3

New Free Gift to add to your Wishlist! You will still be needing the Work Gloves as well!

New Wish List (whistle)

This update involves using the Academy… You can craft gears, retorts and scales ahead of time, but the levels are not that difficult. There are quests that do involve crafting a few of these as well. Don’t forget about the Inventor’s Collection… Some of you may have enough of this collection to finish all the stages without even needing to craft ahead!

Note: This was accidentally released into the game a couple weeks ago and many players completed all the stages. I have no idea how it will affect the outcome. Hopefully, those quest tasks requiring you to complete levels will already be checked off. If not, then you will have learned your lesson about messing with items in the game that haven’t been “coded” properly! Don’t blame the Devs… you should know better!

Academy Page 4

Academy Page 5

Academy Page 6

placing rail car plant

The Town Bridge will need to be built before you can build the Town Station

Town Bridge Stage

Town Bridge Stage 1

Town Bridge Stage 2

Town Bridge Stage 3

Rail Car Plant Building Stages

Railcar Plant Stage 1

Railcar Plant Stage 2

Railcar Plant Stage 3

Recipes crafted in the Rail Car Plant


Skeleton Recipe (Railcar Plant)

Smoke Stack

Smoke Stack Recipe (railcar plant)


Tender Recipe (railcar plant)


Piston Recipe (railcar plant)

Town Station Building Stages

Town Station Stage 1

Town Station Stage 2

Town Station Stage 3

Town Station Recipes

Coupling Wheel

Coupling Wheel Recipe (Town Station)

Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler Recipe (Town Station)

Booth Driver

Booth Driver Recipe(Town Station)

Continental Locomotive: We do not have the building information at this time, but this is what the locomotive looks like.

Town Station

There will be plenty of trading at the River in Toms House for Rivets, Mauls and Wooden Piles. If you haven’t mastered your “fishing” technique, now would be a good time to start! There are several collections that will be of great help to you for this update. 

  • Inventor’s Collection: Gears
  • Railway Collection: Wooden Piles
  • Fisherman’s Collection: Hooks and Bait (to craft Fish)

Many recipes will need huntsmen, so don’t forget to clear a couple areas, and build a tent or two, and possibly put Billy and Willy to work in your Town!



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