Golden Frontier Town Update

The Town update was introduced on 2/25/2016. This update is very involved, and I highly recommend that newer players don’t attempt starting it until you have most of the previous updates completed. You will also be primarily using  a Pottery, Sawmill, Foundry, Stall and several other buildings and materials in order to build your Town up. Also, you will be travelling back and forth quite a bit, so having a good supply a food will also come in handy.

You will want to really follow the quests in order to make this update more simple!

Town Update Quest Information <—– Click Here!

Golden Frontier Territory Mao

Here is what the Town will look like when you first enter. The Structures are already placed, and they are NOT movable, even after they are completely built. With this first Town update, there are 9 Structures that will need to be built up.

Golden Frontier Town Territory

NOTE: There are 2 quests that involve timers…. you have a total of 30 days to completely build your Town, but it is quite possible to finish all the buildings if you pre-craft most of the items necessary. Fortunately for you, we have all the information you need to be prepared and not panic when you see a timer!

The Town Territory is unlike other updates. In other updates, you could completely build all stages of a building before moving on to a different one. Here, you will need to complete stage 1 on all the buildings before you can start stage 2. If you try to upgrade a stage too early, like the Town Hall, you may see a pop-up like this:

Golden Frontier Town Hall Too Early

Informational tips:

  • Town Hall is always the LAST building to complete a stage.
  • All buildings except the “Ranch” have 2 to 3 stages.
  • Try to pre-craft all of the Stage 1 materials, and then build stage 1 in your buildings. It will save you a bit of food if you have them pre-crafted, rather than going back and forth!

This is an itemized list of pretty much all the materials needed to build your Town. I know it looks very overwhelming, but these are totals including the materials necessary for crafted items. (example: You need roughly 95 Sturdy Rope. The recipe for Sturdy rope uses Horse hair, Fur and Pack Thread. If you already have some Sturdy Rope made, you will not need as much Fur, Horse Hair and Pack thread) Note: As you complete some of the quests there will be a 6 day timed quest to make 6 Wares, 6 Windows and 6 Power Drills… So Don’t Pre-Craft All of them and then need extra materials because the quest will require you to make them.  We made this list before the update was released here on Facebook, so there are some name changes, but you will get the gist of what is needed. Thanks to John  for providing the information!

Materials to build Town

These are the new recipes available with the update

In the Pottery:   Golden Frontier Faience Recipe

Golden Frontier Faience Recipe (pottery)

Golden Frontier Wares Recipe

Golden Frontier Ware Recipe (pottery)

In the Foundry:  Golden Frontier Hard Alloy Recipe

Golden Frontier Hard Alloy Recipe (Foundry)

Golden Frontier Power Drill Recipe

Golden Frontier Power Drill Recipe (Foundry)

In the Sawmill:  Golden Frontier Hard Board Recipe

Golden Frontier Hard Board Recipe (sawmill)

Golden Frontier Window Recipe

Golden Frontier Window Recipe (sawmill)

In the Mine, you can now make White gold, so you won’t need to travel to the Valley as much!

Golden Frontier White Gold Recipe

Golden Frontier White Gold Recipe (mine)

Golden Frontier Cobalt Ore Recipe

Golden Frontier Cobalt Ore Recipe (mine)

New Items available for Trade in the Trading Post. Sulfur, Trump Saw, and White Clay. Note: you can purchase a Trading Post for 100 coins and build it at the Town to make trading a bit easier.

Golden Frontier New Trading post items

The Trump Saw is used on the Sequoia Tree in order to get Redwood.

Golden Frontier Sequoia Tree

The Powder Barrel is used on the Cobalt Deposits in order to produce Cobalt ore. Make sure you place it directly on the Deposit. It will highlight GREEN. Placing it on the side will not work.

Golden Frontier Placing Powder Barrel On Cobalt Deposit

Here are all the buildings in this update. Click the pictures to view building Stage information.

Golden Frontier Town HallGolden Frontier TelegraphGolden Frontier SmelteryGolden Frontier RanchGolden Frontier HotelGolden Frontier Federal BankGolden Frontier Court HouseGolden Frontier Coach GarageGolden Frontier Chapel

This is the completed view of my fully built Town. All buildings will give rewards every 24 hours.

Golden Frontier Fully Built Town

When you finish the final Timed Quest, you will see this pop-up: Don’t Forget: If you have finished in 30 days or less, you receive an accountant helper in your warehouse. Take him out and you will receive a buck each day for 30 days!

Golden Frontier Accountant Helper Quest Reward

Golden Frontier Daily Reward

This locked area is part of a future update (engineering we believe)

Engineering update

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