Golden Frontier Town Quests

These are the quests that are introduced with the Town Update. Pay careful attention… There are 2 timed quests with this update!

Introductory quest: New Treasures

Golden Frontier New Treasures Quest

Building Tools

Golden Frontier Building Tools Quest

Detonation is Needed

Golden Frontier Detonation is Needed Quest

Examination of Town Land

Golden Frontier Examination of Town Land Quest

Valuable Resources

Golden Frontier Valuable Resources Quest

First Building   Note: This quest will trigger a 30 day timed quest upon completion.

Golden Frontier First Building Quest

Administration is Urgently Needed. 30 day timed quest. Note: you don’t HAVE to completely build the Town in 30 days….. but the rewards are pretty cool if you do!

Golden Frontier Administration is Urgently Needed Quest


Golden Frontier Foundation Quest

Building of Town Hall

Golden Frontier Building of Town Hall Quest

Useful Materials

Golden Frontier Useful Materials Quest

Building Works

Golden Frontier Building Works Quest

Administration Can’t Wait      NOTE: finishing this quest will prompt a 6 day timed quest.

Golden Frontier Administration Can't Wait Quest

Materials Urgently Required   6 day timed quest

Golden Frontier Materials Urgently Required Quest

Final Costs

Golden Frontier The Final Costs Quest

Town Business

Golden Frontier Town Business Quest

Finishing Town Hall

Golden Frontier Finishing Town Hall Quest

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