Breeding Bison and Ponies

Breeding has come to Golden Frontier with the Wild Update on 2/18/2016. Here is an explanation of the EASIEST way to breed your Bison and Ponies! You may want to have more than one Stall built!!


First, you must have 2 Bison or Ponies, and they must be fed once. Collect the experience from them, and they will be ready to feed again… but wait to feed them. They must be hungry in order to place them into the stall. Do NOT place different stages into the stall… Place them only after the first feeding and collecting experience.

Ponies in stall

Add Vegetable Forage to your stall. I add 50, so that I don’t have to worry about missing a feeding..

Feeding Ponies from Stall

That’s it… You can collect each time they are ready, OR, leave the whole thing alone until they completely disappear. Leaving them alone without collecting in between, I have the best success rate of getting babies.

last stage

When the Bison or Ponies disappear, you can collect everything at once, including babies. Sometimes you can even receive 2 ponies instead of just one! DON’T COLLECT BETWEEN STAGES!!

Here, I have collected everything at once… even a baby Bison!

Bison Breeding Baby

Here, I collected everything at once and received 2 baby Ponies!

Pony Breeding Baby







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