Golden Frontier Wild Update

The Wild has come to our Frontier, released on 2/18/2016 and with it we can breed in our new Stall… so don’t be in a rush to delete it! We have new Recipes, a timed quest, and items in this update are also used in an upcoming release.

Golden Frontier Wild Special Delivery

Wild Update Quest information <—- click here!

The Stall… We will be able to breed baby Ponies and Bison after when they are not hungry… more info to follow! Click the picture of the Stall to see building info and more!

Golden Frontier Farmer's Stall

Farmer’s House. Click the picture below to see building stages and recipes!

Golden Frontier Farmer's House

Carrot are the newest crop and combined with Cabbage and Water, gives us the new recipe to feed our cute new critters!

Golden Frontier Carrot Crop

We also have a new collection, which when turned in gives us coins, experience and PACK THREAD!!

Golden Frontier Wild Collection

Ponies and Bison basically have 12 stages of feeding. Initially, you purchase and place them. You will first feed them carrots. Next stage, collect experience. Then the next  5 stages they are a lighter brown. Collect coins, exp, and fertilizer from them. The last 5 stages they are a darker brown color and that is when you collect Fur and Horsehair from them.

Golden Frontier Bison Stage 1

Golden Frontier Bison Stage 2

Golden Frontier Bison Stage 3

Golden Frontier Adult Bison

Golden Frontier Pony Stage 1

Golden Frontier Pony Stage 2

Golden Frontier Pony Stage 3

Golden Frontier Adult Ponies

New in the Textile Workshop:

Golden Frontier Collar Recipe

Golden Frontier Collar Recipe (textile workshop)


Golden Frontier Big Comb Recipe

Golden Frontier Big Comb Recipe (workshop)


Golden Frontier Wire Recipe

Golden Frontier Wire Recipe (smithy)



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