Golden Frontier Wild Update Quests

These are the quests that go with the Wild Update. Please note, there is a 6 day timer Attached to this update when completing a quest!

Introductary Quest: Food For Little Ones

Golden Frontier Food For Little Ones Quest

Quest Line 1: Feeding By Hand

Golden Frontier Feeding by Hand Quest

Not Enough Materials

Golden Frontier Not Enough Materials Quest

Working On Farm: Finishing this Quest will trigger the timed quest!

Golden Frontier Working on Farm Quest

Big Order: 6 day timed quest.

Remember… the only consequence of not completing the timed quest is not getting the quest rewards… game play is not affected.

Golden Frontier Big Order Quest

Helping the Builders

Golden Frontier Helping the Builders Quest

New Guests

Golden Frontier New Guests Quest

Items for Animals

Golden Frontier Items For Animals Quest

Quest Line 2 Vegetable Supply

Golden Frontier Vegetable Supply Quest

House for Animals
Golden Frontier House for Animals Quest


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