Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel Was released with the Christmas Update on 12/23/2015. However, it is still available in the shop to purchase and build as an extra clickable item for 30 bucks.

The Ferris Wheel is NOT re-buildable. It is a one time purchase of 30 bucks. (besides the one you earn) There are 2 levels. up to 500 clicks before it becomes a decoration.

Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Visits









The only stage to build your Ferris Wheel

Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Stage 1








Level 0 of Ferris Wheel is 150 Visits. Will update the other levels as soon as I have the Info!

Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Neighbors










Visiting neighbors plays a vital role. You will help your neighbors, and likewise they will help you!

Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Neighbor









Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Ticket







The rewards you receive when tending your neighbor are the same as other clickables (totems, circus tents, etc.) it’s leveling that gives the great prizes!

Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Ticket rewards







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