Golden Frontier Buildings and Structures

You will be building several buildings and structures during your game play. A few are already in your game when you first start and do not need to be built. The rest will need to be built from 1 to 3 stages.

We STRONGLY recommend you follow the quest lines before you start building anything. Rewards for completing the quests will include materials for upgrading stages to your buildings. In the early stages of this game, it will be extremely difficult to replace some materials used. Be careful you don’t “jump ahead” and build extra buildings unless a quest tells you to do so.


Golden Frontier Academy Golden Frontier Adventurers Club Golden Frontier Art School Golden Frontier Autumn Landscape Golden Frontier Bakery Golden Frontier Big Mine Golden Frontier Blue Hot-Air Balloon Golden Frontier Circus Golden Frontier Cook Snowman Golden Frontier Cowboy Snowman Golden Frontier Enclosure Golden Frontier Ferris Wheel Golden Frontier Fisherman's Shop Golden Frontier Fishing Boat Golden Frontier Foundry Golden Frontier Furniture Workshop Golden Frontier Garden Golden Frontier Harry's Hut Golden Frontier Houseboat Golden Frontier Huntsmen Tent Golden Frontier Igloo Golden Frontier Island Landscape Golden Frontier Jeweller's Workshop Golden Frontier Kitchen Golden Frontier Laboratory Golden Frontier Miner's House Golden Frontier Neighbor Snowman Golden Frontier Orange Hot-Air Balloon Golden Frontier Post Office Golden Frontier Pottery Golden Frontier Poultry House Golden Frontier Printing Press Golden Frontier Quarry Golden Frontier Rock Quarry Golden Frontier Romantic Hotel Golden Frontier Safe with Jewels Golden Frontier Sawmill Golden Frontier Sculptor's House Golden Frontier Sea Coast Landscape Golden Frontier Secretriat Golden Frontier Sheriff's Office Golden Frontier Smeltery Golden Frontier Smithy Golden Frontier Solid Huntsmen House Golden Frontier Stock Exchange Golden Frontier Summer Kitchen Golden Frontier Textile Workshop Golden Frontier Totem Golden Frontier Trade Schooner Golden Frontier Van Golden Frontier Warehouse Golden Frontier Water Tower Golden Frontier Well Golden Frontier Windmill Golden Frontier Workshop Golden Frontier Writer's House

Golden Frontier Farmer's HouseGolden Frontier Farmer's StallGolden Frontier ChapelGolden Frontier Coach Garage

Golden Frontier Court HouseGolden Frontier Federal BankGolden Frontier HotelGolden Frontier Ranch

Golden Frontier TelegraphGolden Frontier Town HallGolden Frontier Carriage Building ShopGolden Frontier Town Bridge

Golden Frontier Town StationGolden Frontier Continental LocomotiveGolden Frontier Florist HouseGolden Frontier Puppet Workshop

Golden Frontier Blacksmith's House Golden Frontier Dwelling House Golden Frontier Large Dwelling House Golden Frontier Old Farm Golden Frontier Old Windmill Golden Frontier Ringo's Saloon Golden Frontier Sheriff's Office Golden Frontier Town Armory Golden Frontier Trade Store Golden Frontier Building Well Golden Frontier Storage Facilities Golden Frontier Town Granary Golden Frontier Agronomist's House golden-frontier-abandoned-camp golden-frontier-anchormans-wagon golden-frontier-anvil

golden-frontier-arthurs-hut golden-frontier-big-observatory golden-frontier-cactus-festival golden-frontier-christmas-tree

golden-frontier-coaching-inn golden-frontier-confectioners-shop golden-frontier-country-stage golden-frontier-craftsmans-house

golden-frontier-dog-sled golden-frontier-dressing-room golden-frontier-eatery golden-frontier-gazebo

golden-frontier-gold-bearing-machine golden-frontier-gold-bearing-spring-1 golden-frontier-gold-bearing-spring-2 golden-frontier-gold-bearing-spring-3

golden-frontier-gold-prospector-camp golden-frontier-holiday-cook golden-frontier-house-of-laugh golden-frontier-house-of-natives

golden-frontier-jungle-temple golden-frontier-know-alls-wagon golden-frontier-mansion golden-frontier-mighty-bull-statue

golden-frontier-old-camp golden-frontier-old-carpentry golden-frontier-old-dam golden-frontier-old-mine-lost-world

golden-frontier-old-mine-san-monsano golden-frontier-old-prospectors-house golden-frontier-ore-refinery golden-frontier-pets-cot

golden-frontier-prospector-guild golden-frontier-prospectors-smithy golden-frontier-prospectors-store golden-frontier-prospectors-warehouse

golden-frontier-prospectors-well golden-frontier-pyramid-of-ancestors golden-frontier-rodeo golden-frontier-santas-sleigh

golden-frontier-small-stage golden-frontier-snowslip golden-frontier-spicy-kitchen golden-frontier-strongmans-wagon

golden-frontier-summer-saloon golden-frontier-swimming-pool golden-frontier-textile-shop golden-frontier-trading-house

golden-frontier-watchtower golden-frontier-academy-of-arts golden-frontier-mountain-landscape golden-frontier-realistic-still-life

golden-frontier-southern-fox-statue golden-frontier-carriage golden-frontier-repairs-shop golden-frontier-city-hall-lost-city

golden-frontier-spruce-cottage golden-frontier-shanty golden-frontier-city-hut golden-frontier-dwelling

golden-frontier-family-estate golden-frontier-small-dwelling golden-frontier-fountain-with-cupids golden-frontier-merchant-stagecoach









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4 Responses to Golden Frontier Buildings and Structures

  1. Rhonda Madonna says:

    hi i think the rock quarry and qurry links are not working i click on them and only get a lil pic icon 😦

  2. Rhonda Madonna says:

    printing press link dont work :{

  3. Laurie says:

    I bought the new statue that came out today. Quest didn’t update. Statue is no where to b found on my page and when I try to purchase it says it’s already purchased. You can only purchase to boot. So therefore I can’t start quest… I can’t start quest. I have restarted computer and refreshed and check all day it’s not a loading error. It won’t fix itaelf.

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