Unreleased City ( Town) Quests

These are the quests, not necessarily in order. There is a timed quest… but it is for 30 days. I am certain that we cannot build City Hall until the other buildings are built…

Urban Land Survey

Urban Land Survey quest


First Building. Completing this quest will activate the 30 day timer!

First Building Quest (timed)


Urgently needed Administration (30 day timed quest) I am almost certain that we cannot build the City Hall until we have all the other buildings built….. Craft what you can ahead of time!

Urgently needed administration quest


Urgently Needed Materials

Urgently Needed Materials Quest


Past Costs

Past Costs Quest

Build A Foundation

Build a Foundation quest

Construction Tools

Construction tools quest

Construction Work

Construction work quest

Expensive Materials

Expensive Materials Quest

Expensive Resources

Expensive Resources Quest

It Requires Explosion

It requires explosion Quest

New Values

New Values Quest



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