Golden Frontier Circus Update

The Circus Update gives is a clickable Circus Tent that we can build in our own land, and click in our neighbors land. There is also a Sawmill that we can build, and a wonderful collection.

Circus Update Quests <—- Click Here for quest details!

In the Circus Update, there is the opportunity to buy and build the Sawmill from the shop. There is NOT a quest that requires building it, but you will need to build the Sawmill eventually in order to progress in other Updates! Click the picture Below to see the building requirements of the Sawmill!

Golden Frontier Sawmill

The Circus tent is amazing. Click the picture below to see a ton of information on Circus Tents!

Getting energy from circus

Don’t forget, The Circus Collection will give you planks when turned in. You can have as many as you want, but neighbors can only click 5 buildings at a time with regular visits!

Golden Frontier Circus Collection

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