Golden Frontier Unreleased City (Town) Update

When this was released on VK, it was called “city” Here on Facebook, the release is called “Town.” To Eliminate any confusion… All data which refers to City, is actually town 😉

Soon a new Territory “City” is coming! Remember… This information is based on the game from VK. We are not responsible for changes that are made once the update is released here on Face Book! You will be relying on the Sawmill, Foundry, Pottery and Laboratory for this update. You will also need quite a bit of White Gold to trade in the Trading Post.(Mine of Gold-Diggers at Valley Territory)

Unreleased City Quests  <—- Click here for Quest Information.    There is a 30 day timer involved with one of the quests. If you craft materials ahead of time, it will make this much easier to complete. You will need Steel, Screwdrivers, Planes, Grates, Padlocks, etc…

Opening City Update

The cost to travel will be 20 food. You can purchase and build buildings and huntsmen tents if you don’t want to travel as much!

Food Cost to travel to city

This is the basic layout of the new City. There are a total of 11 new structures with 2 of them accessible in a future (possibly part 2) update. Each new building is already placed. I have numbered each building on the map to make looking at building information easier. Take a look at all the building stages… you can craft many things ahead of time (planks, tiles, fabric, steel, etc!

Unreleased City Map Structures

Click each picture below to view building information!

Golden Frontier City Hall     Golden Frontier Court     Golden Frontier Federal Bank

Golden Frontier Hotel     Golden Frontier Parking Coaches     Golden Frontier Ranch

Golden Frontier Telegraph     Golden Frontier Smeltery     Golden Frontier Chapel


City Shop page 1

City Shop page 2

City Shop page 3

City Shop page 4

City Shop page 5

New Trading Post items using White Gold. White gold can be obtained at the Valley Territory in the Mine of Gold-Diggers. 

New trading post items with white gold

You will need to update your wish list with Workers Gloves once this update is released!

New Wish list item workers gloves


The Sequoia Tree is where we will obtain Mahogany from using the 2-Handed Saw.

New Sequoia Tree

Cobalt Ore is another new resource obtained from Cobalt Deposits. Use powder kegs made in the Lab to blast the Cobalt Deposits.

Cobalt Deposit


New Laboratory Recipe: Powder Keg

Powder Keg Recipe (laboratory)

Pottery: Dishes

Dishes Recipe


Faience Recipe (pottery)

Sawmill: Strong Board

Strong board recipe (sawmill)


Window Recipe (sawmill)

Foundry: Mechanical Drill

Mechanical Drill Recipe (foundry)

Hard Alloy

Hard Alloy Recipe (foundry)

Take a good look at these recipes for basic materials. You can craft ahead many of the materials needed, and also put drafts on your wish list as we will be using quite a few of them as well!

This area will be available in a future update…

City Bridge area available next update


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