Golden Frontier Romantic Update Quests

Introduction Quest: Sweet Vanilla. After finishing this quest, there are 3 basic Quest lines.

Golden Frontier Sweet Vanilla Quest

Quest Line 1

Candlelight Dinner

Golden Frontier Candlelight Dinner Quest

Waiting For Guests

Golden Frontier Waiting for Guests Quest

House Full of Guests ***5 day Timed Quest*** Note… You will have 5 days to get 200 visits to your Romantic Hotel. Place your hotel where the game loads (same as Circus Tent) so that friends can visit and give you clicks. Keep an eye and check your Hotel often, so that when it is full, you can collect your rewards, and move onto the next level!

Golden Frontier House Full of Guests timed Quest

Help to Friends

Golden Frontier Help to Friends Quest

Quest Line 2

Burden of Care

Golden Frontier burden of Care Quest

It Can Be Useful

Golden Frontier It Can be Useful Quest

Sweet Support

Golden Frontier Sweet Support Quest

Quest Line 3

Gift With Useful Items

Golden Frontier Gift With Useful Items Quest

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