Golden Frontier Mountain Update

The Mountain Update was released on 7/30/2015

Golden Frontier Mountain







Click on the boat icon to visit the Mountain. Cost is 20 Food each time you go and visit!


There are 2 lynx to feed, a cave to build, and a new building called the Guide’s Hut to build in the Mountain Territory.

Stock up on food by crafting in the Kitchen… No Huntsmen needed!

You will be making lots of Helmets, Lamp Oil and Trolleys to fill your cave. Gather the materials to craft a few recipes at a time to save the cost of food to travel there!



Lynx information

Dark Lynx Information

Cave information

Guide’s Hut Information

This is the First quest that comes with the Update:

Golden Frontier Meet New Adventures Quest











Once you complete the first quest, it branches into two separate lines.

Cave Quests

Lynx Quests

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