Golden Frontier Coastal Update

A new Coastal Territory has been released on 9/30/2015. This release is only part of what will be happening at our new Coast! New buildings, crafts and quests are sure to keep you busy! Pay attention, there are several things you don’t want to miss out on!

Coastal Quest Guide  Part 1<—— Click here to view the quest guide!

Port Update (part 2 of Coastal Territory)

Golden Frontier New Coastal Territory









Golden Frontier Sailor's Story








The Wild Forest area will need to be purchased in order to explore there. You can do it with the “gold” or with an Land Warrant that you can buy in the Stock Exchange!

Golden Frontier Wild Forest Unlock with GoldGolden Frontier Wild Forest Unlock with Land Warrant












Harry’s Hut can only be built at the Ocean. It’s not available for purchase in the shop! The new Stone Block recipe will let you craft 2 Stone blocks but you need to travel to the River and trade in Tom’s House for the Maul needed. Click the photo of Harry’s Hut below for Full building requirements and info!

Golden Frontier Harry's Hut

Golden Frontier Harry’s Hut











The Fishing Nets Building is another new addition to our Coastal Waters. It can only be placed in water, not on land. You can purchase and place it in your Cloudy Lands (home world) river as well. It might come in handy to build one in Cloudy Lands to avoid traveling back and forth!

Click the photo of the Fishing Nets building for full building requirements and info!

Golden Frontier Fishing Nets

Golden Frontier Fishing Nets Building










The Clipper and Port are still unavailable until next week’s update. Fortunately, we have the unreleased info for you to take a peek and see what you will need to craft and be able to build them when they are released!

Click any of the 3 pictures below to view the unreleased version of next week’s update!

Golden Frontier Clipper

Golden Frontier Port






Golden Frontier Clipper Unavailable


New also is the addition of Sea Rocks in which the only way to mine and get Sea Rocks is to use Dynamite.  Note: To use the dynamite, you need to do it from your warehouse… right now when you click “find,” it will take you to the Shop to purchase and build a Laboratory.  Just go o your warehouse, and search for dynamite, and then use it from there… no need to build another Lab unless you want to! (Dynamite does NOT work on Gold Nuggets or Ship Debris that use Items to Chop)

Golden Frontier Sea Rocks








Another new addition is the Ship Wreck debris… now there are 2 kinds. The flatter pieces give wood and use energy. The curvy boat Ship Wreck Debris is actually what you want to focus on. It uses the Axe and gives the “Ship’s Plank” It has 10 whacks and gives collection items, wood, coins and experience. The 10th whack with an axe gives lots of goodies including plywood and a gold nugget! Note: you will need the Ship’s Planks for future use, so get busy on those axes!


Uses Energy, Gives Wood

Uses Energy,Gives Wood

Uses Axes, gives Ship's Plank

Uses Axes, gives Ship’s Plank








10th whack gives great rewards

10th whack gives great rewards








New Kitchen Recipes:

Golden Frontier Boiled Crabs Recipe

Golden Frontier Boiled Crabs Recipe








Golden Frontier Seaweeds Salad Recipe

Golden Frontier Seaweeds Salad Recipe






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