Golden Frontier Archaeological Update

The Archaeological Island has come to Golden Frontier! Released on 10/22/2015, we have A pyramid to build with 5 stages, and a timed quest.

Archaeological Quest Information <—- Click Here

You must have the Clipper built at the Coast or you can pay with bucks to unlock the Territory.

Golden Frontier Needing Clipper


The Archaeologist Tent Will need to be built so you can craft the recipes to gain levels in your Pyramid. Click the picture to see building requirements and recipes.

Golden Frontier Archaeologist Tent


The Pyramid Has 5 levels in which you build it up. Click the Picture to see the levels and information.

Golden Frontier Pyramid


There are several Ruins in which you use Big Brushes or Dynamite. Note: You will use several in order to pass some quests and get the items needed.

Golden Frontier Ancient Ruins 1

These use a Big Brush

Golden Frontier Ancient Ruins Large Brush


These use Dynamite

Golden Frontier Ancient Ruins


There are new items to trade in the trading post.

  • Gold Knife – exchange 1 for 1000 coins
  • Gold Necklace – exchange 1 for 2 gold nuggets
  • Gold Statuette – exchange 1 for 2 shares
  • Gold Goblet – exchange 1 for 15 energy
  • Gold Mask – exchange 1 for 5 extra guest actions

Golden Frontier Archaeological Trades

Golden Frontier Archaeological Trades 1

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