Golden Frontier Archaeological Update Quests

The Introduction quest is Ship adventures, and then 3 basic quest lines follow. The 3rd quest line has a timed quest, so pay attention!

Ship Adventures

Golden Frontier Ship Adventures Quest








Quest Line 1

Ancient Ruins  

Golden Frontier Ancient Ruins Quest

Fair exchange

Golden Frontier Fair Exchange Quest

Rich Archaeologist

Golden Frontier Rich Archaeologist Quest

Quest Line 2

Archaeologist Tent

Golden Frontier Archaeologist Tent Quest

Archaeologist Tools

Golden Frontier Archaeologist Tools Quest

Good News

Golden Frontier Good News Quest

Quest Line 3

Ancient Pyramid. Note: Finishing this quest will cue the Timed Quest… Make sure you craft ahead enough Torches, Ladders and Large Brushes to finish Stage 5 of the Pyramid!

Golden Frontier Ancient Pyramid Quest


Timed Quest: Expedition is Over

Golden Frontier Expedition is Over Quest



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