Golden Frontier Sheriff Update

The Sheriff Update was released on 2/4/2016 and is sure to keep players busy! Be prepared though, the unreleased version we posted (according to the game on the VK server) had a timed mission after you catch 10 robbers. Here on Facebook, the timed quest starts after catching 5 robbers! Remember folks… we post the unreleased information based on playing the game on another Site. The Devs can make changes at any time and we are NOT responsible for changes made when an update is released on Facebook. 

Sheriff Update Quests <—- Click here!

This update may be quite pesky, but there are some neat rewards when you accomplish all the quest tasks. Place the Sheriff and build the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff will ask you for items and give you Sheriff Stars, that in turn, will allow you to catch the Robbers that have now invaded Cloudy lands and a few other Territories. In order to catch the robbers, you must have the stars. Be careful though… There is a quest in the beginning to catch 5 robbers. Once you complete that quest, it will cue a 3 day timed quest to catch 90 Robbers. You will need 90 stars to complete that times quest, so make sure you have them before you catch the first 5!

The Sheriff is placed and he will begin asking you for items In return, he will give you stars. Now…. he may ask for the same item several times in a row. It is Random…meaning that there is no way to change what he is asking for until you give him what he wants. Until you do that, you cannot give him anything else. You may not like it, but that is the way it is set up. Similar to the french Artist update and the Halloween update. My advice is to get the Sheriff’s Office built and begin crafting several of each recipe. Trade with the Sheriff until you have at least 100 stars so that you can complete the 3 day timed quest. If you don’t complete the timed portion you miss out on the rewards but game play is not affected.

Golden Frontier Sheriff

Items the Sheriff may ask for in no particular order:


Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Handcuffs

Silver Coins

Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Coins


Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Shares


Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Grate


Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Hint


Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Padlock


Golden Frontier Sheriff trading Whistle


Sheriff Trading Clues


The Sheriff’s House is where many of the recipes are made that the Sheriff will ask for. Click on the Picture for building stage and recipe information.

Golden Frontier Sheriff's House

New Recipes in the Smithy:

Golden Frontier Grate Recipe

Golden Frontier Grate Recipe (smithy)

Golden Frontier Padlock Recipe

Golden Frontier Padlock Recipe (smithy)


The Map will be updated with Star icons after you refresh your game. The Territories marked with a STAR next to them is where you will be able to find Tracks on the Ground (footprints) and Robbers. There are usually 3 Robbers in an area. Tracks on the Ground are sometimes difficult to find, and may be hidden behind or underneath structures.

Map of Robbers

Tracks on the Ground (footprints) Can be found anywhere on the map that Robbers are located. If you are having trouble finding them, you can usually spot them just before a territory loads. Or, if you are in Cloudy lands (or wherever you build the Sheriff’s Office) You can click on “find” while trying to make the Clue Recipe.

Golden Frontier Tracks on the Ground

Golden Frontier Hidden Tracks on the Ground

Robbers can be located on the Cloudy Lands, Coast, Mountain Pass, Valley and Archaeological Island Territories.

Robber at Archaeological Island

Robber at the Coast

Robber at the Mountain Pass

Robber at the Valley

Remember to click the blue find button in the quest if you are also having trouble finding the Robbers, as they also like to hide from you!

After completing the update, the Sheriff turns into a moving Avatar that you can collect from. 

Golden Frontier Sheriff after completing quests

Golden Frontier rewards from Sheriff



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