Golden Frontier Sheriff Update Quests

There are 3 basic quest lines for this Update. Pay attention to the 3rd Questine because that is where the TIMED quest is introduced!

Questline 1: Duty

Golden Frontier Duty Quest

Warrant for Arrest

Golden Frontier Warrant for Arrest Quest

Helping Sheriff

Golden Frontier Helping Sheriff Quest


Questline 2: Sheriff’s House

Golden Frontier Sheriff's House Quest


Golden Frontier Investigation Quest


Golden Frontier Arrest Quest


Golden Frontier Safety Quest

Questline 3 : Help in Searching

Golden Frontier Help in Searching Quest

The First Robber NOTE: On the VK server, this quest has them catch 10 robbers. When the update came to Facebook it was changed to catching 5 Robbers. (we are not responsible for changes the devs make in updates to the game…)  This quest cues the 3 day Timed quest to catch 90 robbers. Make sure you have traded in enough so you have the 90 stars needed to catch the 90 robbers for the next quest! This quest also cues catching 150 robbers… Bonus is that catching robbers will count towards BOTH quests.

Golden Frontier The First Robber Quest

Urgent Order (Timed 3 day Quest)

Golden Frontier Urgent Order Quest

End of Justice

Golden Frontier End of Justice Quest

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