Golden Frontier Entrepreneurial Update

The Entrepreneurial Update was released on 1/28/2016. The quests are relatively simple to complete. Attached to the update is a 2 week top 100 contest involving the collecting of Shares. At the end of the contest prizes will be given. You will at the least need a Printing Press, Writer’s House and Stock Exchange in order to complete this update.

Complete quest information <—– Click Here

The Secretariat is one of the new buildings introduced in this update and uses recipes in conjunction with the Warehouse. It has 2 building stages. Click the image below to view recipes and building stage information!

Golden Frontier Secretariat









The Warehouse (contrary to its name) is where Shares and several other recipes (normally crafted singularly) can be made in larger quantities using the new Secretariat Recipes and other items. Click the image below to view the recipes.

Golden Frontier Warehouse










Once you have completed the update, you can opt to go for the Top 100 Contest. Even if you only make 100 shares, you will receive 10 bucks just for doing that only! The clock started ticking when we received the update. The contest lasts for 14 days. Compete to earn shares and stay in the Top 100 places to win Trophies and rewards. You can click the timer icon on the top left of your game, or go into your Stock Exchange Building and click the Top 100 there.

Golden Frontier Entreprneurial Top 100










Golden Frontier Entreprneurial Top 100 Contest










There are several ways to earn Shares.

  • Trading Documents and Gold Nuggets
  • Making Shares in the Warehouse
  • Collecting every day from the Watchmaker, Shop and Tavern Buildings (purchased with shares and built. Collect once every 24 hours)
  • Doing your daily quests
  • Some decor items also give Shares

NOTES :  Many of you most likely had Shares already in your Stock Exchange before we received this update. Those Shares do NOT count towards the Top 100. Only Shares received AFTER we received this update will count towards the competition.

 Spending Shares does NOT subtract from your Total in the Top 100. Spend as many as you like during the competition and still have your total count!

There are also 3 new buildings in the stock exchange to trade your Shares in for.

New Stock Exchange items to trade






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  1. Linda Pratt says:

    This was actually fun…Tanks

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