Golden Frontier Unreleased Sheriff Update

Dear friends, exciting adventurous pursuits, dangerous bandits and a brave officer of the law are waiting for you in our sheriff update! In this update: – Help the fair Sheriff establish the rule of law! – Please be brave and take part in the search for insidious robbers! – Get valuable quest rewards!

Unreleased Sheriff Update










At the end of one of the misions there will be a timed event! Pay close attention to the recipes we will need to craft, and stock up on some!

Timed Mission




Basically, we place the Sheriff, and build his Office. In his office and the Smithy are items we craft. The Sheriff will ask for an item. You give him the item he is asking for, and in return, he will give you Stars. (the Sheriff asks for items randomly) Once you have some Stars, you find the Robbers who will ask for stars. Robbers will be in various locations. If you refresh your game, they always appear on cloudy lands, so you really won’t need to travel much!  If you have enough stars, you catch the robber and get coins, exp, collection items, etc. There will also be “traces in the sand” (I will call them footprints) that will be spread all over in various locations. Again, refreshing will bring them back to cloudy lands. If you played This game during the French Artist update or the Halloween update, it is similar to them in regards to giving the Sheriff the items he asks for.

Sheriff page 1








Sheriff page 2







Sheriff page 3









This is the Sheriff. He will ask for items and give you stars to catch the robbers with. What he asks for is at random. Usually, harder to craft items give more stars. He could ask for the same item several times in a row, or different ones each time… 




These pesky guys are the robbers we will use the stars to catch! They will be located on several different territories (there will be a star next to a territory on the map. You can decide to travel, or refresh your game, as they seem to always be on cloudy lands.)



Robber asking for Star








Remember, the Star indicates where robbers will be located, including Cloudy lands! You can refresh your game instead of traveling around if you choose.

where the robbers are








The “traces on the ground” (footprints) seem to repopulate as well and are located on many of the territories. They give items such as coins, exp, and collection items when harvested as well as the footprints needed for recipes. They use 5 clicks per footprint.

traces on the ground (footprints)








The Sheriff’s Office has 3 building Stages, and is where 5 of the items the Sheriff asks for will be located.

Sheriff's Office







Sheriff's Office Stage 1









Sheriff's Office Stage 2










Sheriff's Office Stage 3









Recipes Crafted in the Sheriff’s Office


Handcuff Recipe (sheriff Office)







Whistle Recipe









Witness Recipe (sheriff's office)









Evidence Recipe (sheriff's office)








Hint Recipe (Sheriff Office)









New recipes in the Smithy:


Padlock recipe (smithy)








Lattice (window)

Lattice Recipe (smithy)








A couple of examples of the Sheriff asking for an item. Remember: The sheriff will ask for an item, and you must give him the item he is asking for. Refreshing will not change the item.You may have to give him the same item several times in a row. It is completely RANDOM. 

Sheriff asking 1








Sheriff Asking for Whistle










Sheriff asking for evidence









Here are the Quests involved.

Buy The Sheriff

opening quest








Catch 1 Robber

quest 2








Buy a Sheriff’s Office

quest 3








Find 5 Traces in the ground (footprints)

quest 4









Exchange with Sheriff 10 times

quest 5









Find 10 Robbers. NOTE Finishing this quest will cue the 3 day timed quest. Check the exchange recipes and craft ahead so you can finish the timed event! See below for more detailed information!

quest 6









  • Craft 1 Hint
  • Craft one Witness
  • Craft 1 Evidence

quest 7













  • Craft 1 padlock
  • Craft 1 Lattice 

quest 8











  • Craft 1 Handcuffs
  • Craft  Whistle

quest 9












Timed Missions: Pay attention! This 3 day timed quest will start after you finish the one to catch 10 robbers. You will have 3 days to catch 90 robbers. Trading with the Sheriff is the ONLY way to get stars to catch robbers with, and the exchanges are RANDOM. I wouldn’t start this one until you know you have 90 stars to catch robbers! This one will be relatively EASY if you craft enough Handcuffs, Whistles, Witnesses, Evidence and Hints. (crafted in the Sheriff’s Office) As always, if you don’t complete the timed quest, it doesn’t affect game play, you just don’t get the quest rewards ( Camp fire: gives Wanderer’s Collection, Food and Heat, 1000 exp, 2 vials of energy)

Timed Mission




Catch 90 Robbers

Timed Quest











Catch 150 Robbers (this one ques after completing the 3 day timed one. There doesn’t seem to be a timer involved, just catching another 150 robbers)

quest 11








There are several things you can do now to help yourself prepare for this update.

  • Putting Drafts, Seals and Documents in your wishlist

Other items needed are:

  • Sap
  • Iron
  • Hammers
  • Sharp tools
  • Gears
  • Paper (To make the blank forms needed for several recipes. Blank forms will be available in the printing press once we receive the Entrepreneur Update)
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