Golden Frontier Unreleased Entrepreneur Update

Get ready to be an Entrepreneur! A new top 100, lots of new crafting and ways to make stocks in this exciting update! This is quite an extensive update and we will do our best to include everything we can to help prepare you! The Top 100 contest I believe will be for 3 weeks. 

Entepreneur Update












The 2 newest Buildings will be the Stock and Secretarial/Chamber of Commerce Buildings. You will also be using your Printing Press, the Writer’s House and Writing Table (inside Clyde’s House) besides other random buildings.

The Stock Building Has Several Recipes in which we will be required to craft. There are no Building requirements and you can have more than 1. Regardless if you are going to participate in the Top 100 or not, you will probably want to build another Printing Press . <——– Building requirements  There are several Recipes you can craft ahead now. You will be needing quite a bit of Paper, Waybills, Envelopes and Cheque Books, all of which are crafted inside the Printing Press!

Recipes crafted inside include:

  • Share x1   Share x3   Share x10   Plank x4  
  • Fabric x2   Hammer x3   Saw x3   Axe x5
  • Spade x3   Food x180   Brush x4   Brick x3

Click the photo below to see the Recipes!

Stock Building










The Secretarial/Chamber of Commerce building has 2 stages. 5 new recipes are crafted inside and include Trade Diploma, License Governor’s Signature, Charter, and Check. Click the Photo below to view the building requirements and  recipes crafted inside.











The Printing Press will have 2 new Recipes:


Ledger (printing press)







Blank Form

Blank Form (printing press)









The Writers House also has a new recipe:

BallPoint Pen

Ballpoint Pen (Writer's House)









There will be 7 quests, here are 6 of them

Quest 1











Quest 2











Quest 3










Quest 4











Quest 5











Quest 6












There is also a top 100 contest that ties in with this update. Using the new crafts, and the existing Stock Exchange building, you will compete in what looks like a 3 week contest for the most shares. Making Gold Nuggets and having Documents in your wish list will give you a head start. Even if you choose not to participate in the top 100, there are a couple quests involved that require you to exchange for Shares. Every player that earns at least 100 shares will win 10 buckaroos at the end of the competition, so going that far will earn you something! Don’t forget, There are quite a few goodies you can trade shares for that give out nice items. The Business update gave us the Stock Exchange Building and the First top 100 contest. This contest will be similar in getting Shares. If you have already built your Tavern, Watchmaker and Shops (you can have a max of 2 each) you will already be getting more shares every day. Every Share you get will count toward your total amount for the contest. (using shares will not subtract from your totals)

For more information on the Stock Exchange <—– Click here!!

Don’t forget, there are many ways to get Gold Nuggets and Shares…

  • At the River you can use your Locomotive
  • At the Coast, you can use the Port and Collect from the Trade Schooner
  • Trading in your Trading Post 
  • Crafting them in the Smithy
  • Mining them with a Pickaxe in All your Territories. The Cave location has numerous Gold Deposits!
  • Trading in Joe’s Hut and Collecting from the Weather Station at the Mountain Pass location
  • Completing all stages of Daily Quests
  • In the Small Mine at the Valley
  • Collecting from your Taverns, Shops and Watchmakers. Trade shares in the Stock Exchange, build them and collect every 24 hours. You can have 2 of each!

These are the prizes for the Entrepreneur Competition.

New top 100










The Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze cups are decorations. Fort gold will give a seal, gold nugget, and Entrepreneur Collection item. The Lady will give Energy, guest Energy and Entrepreneur Item.








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