Golden Frontier Valley Update

The Valley Update, released on 1/14/16 gives players a new territory to explore and expand on. New buildings, silver coins to trade, and more new crafts are sure to keep you going in your journey to search for gold! If you are a newer player, you will need to finish with earlier updates and get your beginning buildings built in order to properly complete this update. There is no timed portion to this update, so not working on it will not affect game play at all!

Part 2 Unreleased Northern Settlement  <—- Click here

Valley Quests <—– Click here for all quests!

FYI, it will cost 35 Food each time you travel. There are lots of recipes to be made, and travel is necessary… if you are low on food, pay attention to the materials and recipes you need to craft to be able to build the 6 huts. My advice is to trade enough Silver coins to purchase the 6 new huts. Then get them built. You will be able to collect Silver coins from the huts once a day (every 24 hours from when you finish building them) and then get your silver coins built up before trying to purchase the decor items that give bonuses. 

Valley Territory Travel









Golden Frontier Valley 1








The newest pre-built buildings are the Forester’s Shelter and Northern Tavern.  The Forester’s Shelter is where you trade for Chamomile, Mint and Silver Coins. Stock up well on Chamomile and Mint to use Recipes made in the Kitchen to avoid extra food usage when you travel back and forth. (no worries if you have plenty of food stored up) You will also use tons of Ashberries. Now, in my opinion, since there is no timed portion, you can use the Large Sledges to get your silver coins to trade at the Northern Tavern instead of using up all your Mountain Ash Trees. If you happen to use up your Mountain Ash Trees, currently they are repopulating each time you visit the Valley. 4 Trees will grow. ( 2 with 30 and 2 with 60 Ashberries )

Inside the Forester’s Shelter

Forester's Shelter








Inside the Northern Tavern

Northern Tavern







Building requirements for the Huts

Small Hut (you can have 2) Gives 1 coin every 24 hours

Small Hut








Medium Hut (you can have 2) Gives 2 coins every 24 hours

Medium Hut








Large Hut (you can have 2) Gives 3 coins every 24 hours

Large Hut








These are the New Recipes you will be crafting:

Kitchen: The Fruit Drink and Herbal Tea Recipe times have been changed to the current Crafting times. ( The Fruit Drink was 30 minutes and Herbal Tea was 5 minutes)

Golden Frontier Fruit Drink Recipe New time







Golden Frontier Herbal Tea Recipe New time







Textile Workshop:

Golden Frontier Fur Cape Recipe (textile workshop)








Golden Frontier Sharp Tools Recipe (Smithy)








Golden Frontier Wooden Beam Recipe (Workshop)







Adventurer’s Club:

Golden Frontier Sharp Spade Recipe (adventurer's club)







Golden Frontier Large Sledge Recipe (adventurer's club)







To make it a little easier, I have broken down materials needed to build all 6 Huts. (minimize food waste for players!) This is what is needed just to build the huts. You will need more to trade for silver coins and buy the huts, but don’t forget… Ashberries are LIMITED!

Golden Frontier Materials For building Huts at the Valley













Honestly, I recommend getting your huts built first, then concentrating on the bonuses. You can take your time with this… I understand the feeling to rush… but the Large Sledges will save you from running out of Ashberries 😉 

You can buy other buildings and build up your Valley Territory where you can craft items as well. Keep in mind that you will need to build Huntsmen tents too!!

Golden Frontier building in the Valley























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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Valley Update

  1. Megan says:

    Thank you for the information – please can I ask why you are telling us to build 2 of each hut when the mission calls for 1 of each?

    • Bad Kitty says:

      I didn’t tell you that you had to. But you CAN 🙂 You can collect Silver coins from them each day, and eventually, you will want Silver coins 😉

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