Golden Frontier Unreleased Northern Settlement Update (Part 2 Valley)

Part  of the Valley continues on as we do some new mining in the Copanca Miner’s House. More new recipes and a bit of trading in Stock exchange. This was just released on VK today, 1/6 2016…so as we get more information, we will update it here!

Remember… We post according to the game on the VK platform. This is UNRELEASED information and The devs can change names, recipes, amounts, etc when it gets released to facebook!

Northern Settlement update












In this update we will be able to upgrade our Northern Tavern. This is Stage 2

Northern Tavern Stage 2

Northern Village 1













Northern Village 2















Copanca Miner’s House Stage 1

Copanca Miner's house stage 1











Stage 2

Copanca Miner's house stage 2











Inside The Copanca Miner’s are a couple new recipes:

Gold Nugget x3







Silver Coin x6

Silver Coin x6 (copanca miner's)






There are also 2 new buildings, that are traded for coins… Sturdy Hut and Guest Cabin.

Sturdy Hut Will give a huntsmen collection item and The translation says drawing… but Not entirely sure is drawing is correct. We will find out soon!

Stage 1

Sturdy Hut Stage 1











Guest Cabin will give energy. sugar, and wanderer’s collection item.

Stage 1

Guest Cabin Stage 1











These are the new recipes we will use… so stock up now and be prepared!

Bean Soup (made in Kitchen)

Bean Soup Recipe (kitchen)






Vegetable Stew (made in Kitchen)

Vegetable Stew Recipe (kitchen)






Sauerkraut (made in Barn)

sauerkraut recipe (barn)






Plate Section (Miner’s House)

Plate Section (miner's house)







Gas Bottle (miner’s House)

Gas Bottle Recipe (miner's)







Canned Fish (Fisherman’s Shop)

Canned Fish Recipe (fisheman's shop)









Trade in the Stock Exchange for the “plate section” (5 shares) or craft it in Miner’s House.

plate section in stock exchange













The Ski Set and Field Kitchen will also be available to purchase for Silver Coins.

The Ski Set will give Sharp Tools, Glue and Forest Collection item. The Field Kitchen will give one of Vegetable Stew or Sauerkraut or Bean Soup and a Forest Collection Item.

VK Market







These are Most of the Quests in no certain Order

Quest 1












Quest 2












Quest 3












Quest 4













Quest 5












Quest 6














Quest 7












Quest 8
















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