Golden Frontier Winter Update Quests

The first quest is Snow House after which there are 3 basic quest lines given. There is a timed quest with this update, but no worries. You can still finishing building your snowmen, even if you don’t finish the “timed” quest, you just don’t get the “quest rewards.”

FYI, you will need to have the igloo built in order to take part in part 3 of the Christmas Series, so might as well build one or probably 2… Trust me, you will need them!

Snow House

Golden Frontier Snow House Quest








Quest Line 1

Winter Delicacies

Golden Frontier Winter Delicacies Quest











Snow Tools

Golden Frontier Snow Tools Quest











Quest line 2

Snowman!  After completing this quest, you activate the Timed one! Make sure you have building materials needed!

Golden Frontier Snowman Quest












Decorated Snowmen    *****Timed quest*****

Golden Frontier Decorated Snowmen Quest













Snow Decorations

Golden Frontier Snow Decorations Quest










Ice Decorations

Golden Frontier Ice Decorations Quest

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