Golden Frontier Unreleased Valley Territory

The Valley is a new Territory that has plenty of Wood trees and stumps! It seems a bit similar to the Stock Exchange. No timed elements are involved! We will be working towards trading items for silver coins, and then using the silver coins to buy items in the Northern Tavern. 3 items are buildings that after they are built, will give silver coins. Make sure you have enough Shares and Gold Nuggets, and also, enough Ice and Spices!! Don’t forget to put Ice and Spices on your wish list 😉









Here is a shot of a bit of the new Territory with the buildings and new trees!

Valley Territory 1








This little area north is called a buffer zone… not sure if the name will change when it gets released to facebook!

Buffer Zone 1









This area is locked until you make the payment in 1 of 2 ways. Pay with gold, or pay with a land warrant bought in the stock exchange for 50 shares.

Buffer Zone payment







Buffer Zone payment 2







The Forester’s House is already on your land when you enter. No building requirements! Here you will trade for items and mostly silver coins that you will use for purchase in the Northern Tavern.

Forester's House Page 1













Forester's House Page 2













Northern Tavern Trading information: In the Northern Tavern you will trade silver coins for items that give rewards.

Northern Tavern Prizes Page 1









Northern Tavern Prizes Page 2












Small Hut Building Stage

Small Hut Stage 1











Medium Hut

Medium Hut Stage 1











Large Hut

Large Hut stage 1












  • The Ice Chest gives similar rewards like the Prize post package traded in the Stock Exchange.
  • The Small hut will give a silver coin after it is built, but we don’t have the building requirements at this time.
  • Medium Hut will give 2 Silver Coins after it is built. We do not have the building requirements at this time.
  • Stuffed Bears give Mint, Warm Wool, and Wool Collection.
  • Set of Bellows: Not sure of Building requirements… but gives Leather and Wool Collection.
  • Snowy Tree gives a Saw and Winter Collection.
  • Large Hut will give 3 Silver Coins when built. Not sure of building requirements.

I believe that in time, other items to trade silver coins for will be added, just like with the Stock Exchange. I could be wrong, but this seems so much like how the Stock Exchange works, that this may be the “winter” exchange 😉

New Recipes:

Kitchen: Fruit Drink Recipe

Fruit Drink (kitchen)







Herb Tea Recipe

Herb Tea (kitchen)






Smithy: Sharp Instruments Recipe

Sharp Instruments Recipe (smithy)







Textile Workshop: Fur Cape Recipe

Fur Cape Recipe (textile workshop)







 Workshop: Wood Beams Recipe

Wooden Beams Recipe (workshop)







Adventurer’s Club: Large Sled Recipe

Large Sled Recipe (adventurer's club)







Sharp Blade Recipe

Sharp Blade Recipe (adventurer's club)








Here are the 9 quests that you will see but posted in no particular order

Road to the North

Road to the North Quest










Useful Skills

Useful Skills Quest










Aromatic Herbs

Aromatic Herbs Quest









Things to Settle

Things to Settle Quest










Friendship With a Forester

Friendship With a Forester Quest










Collecting Ingredients

Collecting Ingredients Quest










Work in the Cold

Work in the Cold Quest











The Other Side

The Other Side Quest











First Hut

First Hut Quest































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