Golden Frontier Unreleased Christmas Update

Christmas is coming, and with it, another Top 100 contest and 2 week timed missions. The Post Office and Adventure Club will play vital roles in this update and well as the Kitchen, Pottery, Workshop, Jeweler’s Workshop and Textile Workshop!

Christmas Update











First You will purchase your Christmas Tree from the Shop. 

Christmas Tree











Once placed, you can see stage 1 in filling the tree. Small Balls and Small Presents can be crafted in the Workshop. Medium and Large Balls are found inside the presents you craft in the post office! Keep going to fill all stages and collect rewards! The First Stage reward is a Ferris Wheel. It is Clickable just like Totems and Circus tents. 

Christmas Top 100












Presents to Craft in the Post Office

Post Office Recipes













Crafting info for the presents

Small Present ( can be crafted in workshop and post office )

Small Present Recipe (workshop and post office)







Medium Present

Medium Present Recipe (post office)







Large Present

Large Present Recipe (post office)








We have small clips of what is inside the presents. Click each present to see it!

Small present        Medium present     Large present

Small PresentMedium PresentLarge Present

Completing the First Stage will earn you a Ferris Wheel. You can also buy more from the shop for 30 Bucks! The Ferris Wheel works similar to the Circus Tent, Totem Pole and Thanksgiving Table. As this just came out on VK, we have no idea yet what rewards we get as it levels. Since it is a reward and costs bucks to purchase, I think we will need to keep rebuilding it as we did the Thanksgiving Table. If we get the info, we will update the blog! Visiting neighbors doesn’t give anything toward the Christmas goal, but leveling it might. (not sure yet)

Ferris Wheel

Click on a neighbor’s Ferris Wheel and give them a ticket.

Ferris Wheel 1

Rewards from visiting a neighbor’s Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Rewards

Here is the building information once you have a Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Stage 1


Level 2 of Christmas Tree. Reward is Gnomes. Gnomes give sugar and coffee collection items.

Christmas Tree Level 2


Level 3 of Christmas Tree. Reward is an Elf. Elf gives a Draft, Seal, and wanderer collection item. 

Christmas Tree Level 3


Level 4 of Christmas Tree. Prize is a Santa Claus. Santa gives a small present, and wool collection items.

Christmas Tree Level 4


After completing level 4, you will move on to competing in the top 100 contest. The prize structure is as follows:

Christmas Top 100 Rewards

I know many lower level players may feel defeated or left out in the cold with the top 100 contest, but keep your chin up! You don’t have to compete to be in the top 100. Just do your best to finish all the Christmas Tree levels. Honestly, the rewards and materials used are not worth all the effort and struggle to get the highest prizes 😉 You will have 2 weeks from when the update arrives to work on this!

Other Recipes you will need to craft:

Pottery: White Candle

White Candle (pottery)

Barn: Wreath

Wreath Recipe (barn)

Kitchen: Candy Cane

Candy Cane Recipe (kitchen)

Workshop: Small Ball

Small Ball Recipe (workshop)

Small Present (also can be made in the Post Office)

Small Present Recipe (workshop and post office)

Jeweler’s Workshop: Bells

Bells Recipe (jeweller's workshop)


Adventurer’s Club: Sled

Sled (adventurer's club)


Skates Recipe (adventurers club)


Textile Workshop: Red Stocking

Red Stockings (textile Workshop)








These are the quests involved in the best order we have:

Fir Tree is the first quest. After that, 3 more pop up.


Fir Tree Quest












Christmas Mood

Christmas Mood Quest












After completing Christmas mood comes Christmas Attributes

Christmas Attributes Quest












After completing comes Special Gifts

Special Gifts Quest












Sending to Friends (completing this quest will follow at 6 day timed quest Gift Boxes)

Sending to Friends Quest












Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes Quest













Ornaments for Fir Tree (completing this brings elegant Fir Tree)

Ornament for Fir Tree Quest













Elegant Fir Tree

Elegant Fir Tree Quest














After Completing Elegant Fir Tree comes the Last quest Beautiful Fir Tree

Beautiful Fir Tree Quest
















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