Golden Frontier Unreleased Cave Update

We will soon be traveling to yet another new territory… The Cave! With This Territory, you will get the 3rd Map piece to put the torn map together and be able to visit the Cave Territory. Build a Miner’s House, craft new recipes, and new trades in the trading post. Also, after completing a quest, there will be a “timed” 2 week quest. So make sure you have the necessary items before moving forward! Stock up on dynamite to mine the new materials!

New Cave Territory








Torn Map











Cave Territory








The Miner’s House

Miner's House





Miner’s House Building Info


Miner's House Stage 1

Stage 1











Miner's House Stage 2

Stage 2












Miner's House Stage 3

Stage 3














These are all the recipes in the Miner’s House. New recipes are below.

Recipes in Miner's House












Help Miner x20 Recipe

Help Miner x 20 Recipe







Jackhammer Recipe

Jackhammer Recipe







Miner Set Recipe

Miner Set Recipe







Inside the trading post are new items to trade… including Sugar!!

Trading Post Page 1













Trading Post Page 2












These are the quests

Miners Away
Miner Away Quest















Treasure Quest












First Obstacle

The First Obstacle Quest












Rare Crystals

Rare Crystals Quest











Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Quest












Treasure Hunter: Note… Completing this quest will cue the TIMED QUEST! Be sure to have the materials needed to complete the timed quest below before you finish this one. Once the timer starts ticking, you cannot stop it!

Treasure Hunter Quest













Rush Job Quest TIMED








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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Unreleased Cave Update

  1. completed the quest for the map piece, where can I find it now?

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