Golden Frontier Released Updates

These are the updates as they were released in the game. Click each picture to see building info and quests related to the update!

Golden Frontier Awakening Update Golden Frontier Sandy Update Golden Frontier Adventures UpdateGolden Frontier Circus Update




Golden Frontier Mining Update Golden Frontier Textile Update Golden Frontier Founding Update Golden Frontier Farm Update




Golden Frontier Dense Update Golden Frontier Furniture Update Golden Frontier Fishing Update Golden Frontier Mountain Update




Golden Frontier Fruit Update Golden Frontier Post Update Golden Frontier Writer's Update Golden Frontier River Update




Golden Frontier Railway Update Golden Frontier Business Update Golden Frontier Feathery Update Golden Frontier Inventive Update




Golden Frontier Coastal Update Golden Frontier Indian Update Golden Frontier Port Update Golden Frontier Archaeological Update




Golden Frontier Artistic UpdateGolden Frontier Settlers UpdateGolden Frontier Thanksgiving Day UpdateGolden Frontier Mountain Pass Update

Golden Frontier Jeweler's Update     Golden Frontier Cave Update    Golden Frontier Christmas Update    Golden Frontier Winter Update

Golden Frontier Sculptural Update    Golden Frontier Valley Update    Golden Frontier Northern Settlement Update    Golden Frontier Entrepreneurial Update

Golden Frontier Sheriff's Update    Golden Frontier Romantic Update    Golden Frontier Wild Update    Golden Frontier Town Update

Golden Frontier Engineering Update    Golden Frontier Spring Update    Golden Frontier Lucky Update    Golden Frontier Easter Update

Golden Frontier Joke Day Update    Golden Frontier Carriage Building Update    Golden Frontier Bandit Update    Golden Frontier Puppet Update

Golden Frontier Cactus Festival Update    Golden Frontier Bandit Town Update    Golden Frontier Defensive Update    Golden Frontier Production Update

Golden Frontier Farmer's Contest Update    Golden Frontier Greenhouse Update    Golden Frontier Chocolate Update    Golden Frontier Caramel Update

Golden Frontier Searching For Treasures Update    Golden Frontier Lost Land Update    Golden Frontier Ancient Pyramids Update    Golden Frontier Patrolling Update

Golden Frontier Family Picnic Update    Golden Frontier Football Update    Golden Frontier Musical Update    Golden Frontier Rodeo Update

Golden Frontier Vacation Update    Golden Frontier Prospecting Update    Golden Frontier Old Mine Update    Golden Frontier Ferocious Beasts Update

golden-frontier-coaching-inn-update    golden-frontier-abandoned-mine-update    golden-frontier-library-update    golden-frontier-deep-jungle-update

golden-frontier-observatory-update    golden-frontier-october-festival-update    golden-frontier-treasure-of-the-north-update    golden-frontier-all-saints-update

golden-frontier-prospectors-grandson-update    golden-frontier-treasure-cave-update    golden-frontier-thanksgiving-day-update    golden-frontier-prospector-caravan-update

golden-frontier-horse-exhibition-update    golden-frontier-prospecor-guild-update    golden-frontier-eldorado-update    golden-frontier-new-year-adventures-update

golden-frontier-festival-update    golden-frontier-grand-theatre-update    golden-frontier-colorful-artistry-update    golden-frontier-couple-miles-to-san-monsano-update

golden-frontier-gambling-house-update    golden-frontier-city-management-update    golden-frontier-all-lovers-day-update    golden-frontier-snow-games-update

golden-frontier-trading-competition-update    golden-frontier-trading-partners-update        








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5 Responses to Golden Frontier Released Updates

  1. Jean says:

    Is it best to try to do the updates in the order they were released, as you have them displayed above? I’ve received so many quest lines, it’s confusing; I don’t know what I should do after Awakening.
    And what about those timed quests? They completely throw me off my progress through Awakening. Should I ignore them? I know they are not essential, but they offer such great bonuses! However, they are completely frustrating for a new player who does not have many resources accumulated. I have not been able to complete one yet.

    • Bad Kitty says:

      Yes, do them in order, get them out of the way. It will make progression easier and the old quests lead you into other updates.

  2. Jed Grey says:

    Any chance you can fix the links on this page that only go to a larger image rather than the page with the info? Also, what happened to the post with the information about the building limitations? Did the devs make you take it down?
    Thanks for trying to keep us up to date!

    • Bad Kitty says:

      The ones that go to a larger picture are not complete yet. We are still gathering info and when complete, the link will be added for info. The building limitation post was deleted since there were no limitations enforced and the info was null and void.

  3. Jed Grey says:

    Well, they have removed the Coffee House from the Shop, so that is a severe limitation. Totem Poles and Circus Tents, Small & Large Pyramids, Ferris Wheels, Defensive & Reinforced Forts are all gone. And now the Enclosure for Cows & Sheep has been changed so it is essentially worthless.

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