Golden Frontier Unreleased Thanksgiving Update

The Thanksgiving Update was released on VK this week… Not sure exactly when it will be released here on Facebook, but It may just come this coming week, seeing that Thanksgiving for the USA is Thursday, November 26, 2015. This update is intense, and involves another top 10/100 timed event! The Bakery and Food Fair are newest buildings. There is also a Festive Table and Basket of Treats we will build. They are bonus buildings that when tending on a neighbors’ frontier, will give you Thanksgiving Cards towards the top 10/100. Tending neighbors will be very important for this update! New crafts also in the Kitchen and Barn!

Thanksgiving Update










The top 10/100 involves getting Thanksgiving Cards and filling up the bar to win prizes. After the bar is filled, you then participate in the top 10/100. The top 10 players receive a Carousel that plays a Wheel of Fortune game and the top 100 players receive a Pilgrim that gives Bucks every 2 days.  You don’t have to participate in the top 10/top 100. Even if you only work towards getting the Stove, (600 cards) The Stove gives Heat and a prospector collection item and normally costs 59 Bucks in the Shop!

Top 100










Top 100 prizes









The Bakery will cost 5000 coins.











Bakery building Stages

Stage 1

Stage 1









Stage 2

Stage 2











Stage 3

Stage 3












After building the bakery, you will also purchase the “Food Fair. There are no building stages for it. In the Food Fair, you will trade items crafted inside the bakery, kitchen and Barn.

Food Fair








Inside the Food Fair:

Food Fair page 1










Food Fair page 2











New recipes  to make and trade in the Food Fair.

Bakery: Has the same new recipes as the Kitchen and Barn, however, I don’t know if the recipes are the same or not…. I am not able to build the bakery yet! Recipes in the bakery though are Pumpkin Cake, Cranberry Sauce, Pancakes with Cranberries, Cornucopia, Pumpkin Rolls, Pears with Cheese, Gingerbread. (I think the Bakery makes up for only being able to have 1 Barn, and Kitchen Stages being difficult so many players only having 1 or 2!)

New Kitchen recipes:


Gingerbread (kitchen)







Pancakes With Cranberries

Pancakes with Cranberries (kitchen)







Pears with Cheese

Pears with Cheese (kitchen)







Pumpkin Rolls

Pumpkin Rolls (kitchen)







New Barn Recipes:


Cornucopia (barn)






Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce (barn)







New Smithy Recipe: Brass Candlestick

Brass Candlestick (smithy)







New Free Gift item is “spices” which you want to add to your Wish List!

Spices New Free Gift






New Bush is Cranberries that use 2 Water!







There are 2 new Bonuses that when built, neighbors can tend to help you build them up (similar to Totems and Circuses) while receiving Thanksgiving Cards to go towards filling the bar and going for the Top 100.

Festive Table and Basket with Treats:


Basket with Treats

Festive Table







Festive Table building Stages

Festive Table Stage 1








Festive Table Stage 2








Basket of Treats Building Stage

Basket with treatsstage 1










Now …… These are similar to Totems and Circus tents and DEPEND on neighbor visits. I do not know all the stages involved or rewards from leveling them, but I do know that when you visit a neighbor and tend them, you do get Thanksgiving Cards. If/When this update comes to us, I would recommend holding off your visits and give a few hours to let your neighbors get some built before you use all your actions to visit. You will see the “hand signals” just as you do for Totems and Circuses.











Click on them and this is what you will see:

Visiting Thanksgiving Feast









Besides the customary energy, exp and random collection drop, you also get a Thanksgiving Card.

tending neighbor







I would imagine that Circus Tents and Totems will not be visited much If/when we get this update so don’t be offended… If you are only tending the Thanksgiving items,  is most likely that your neighbors will do the same thing to fill their bars as well. Remember, we all will want those items to level up and finish so we can all get goodies! I myself will probably not even have any totems or Circus tents during this update!!

I believe we will start off with 2 or 3 quest lines. 

Quest line 1

The Bakery

Bakery quest












Holiday Dishes

Holiday Dishes












Quest line 2

Tasty Berry

Tasty Berry quest












Fair of Meal

Fair of meal quest













Questline 3: Entertainment for Friends

Entertainment for Friends quest













This is as much information as I have at this time. If/when there is more to post, it will be updated. Remember… this is according to info from the game on VK… things may or may not change with a release to Facebook!


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