Golden Frontier Greenhouse

The Greenhouse was released on 11/18 2015 with the “Settlers” update. Available in the market for 59 bucks it is a building well worth spending your bucks for!

Golden Frontier Green House









The Greenhouse comes fully built. There is one upgrade, that costs 40 bucks, but not sure if it is worth it. You can plant immediately 50 crops without the upgrade. No waiting for the Avatar to plant! Wait the time allotted for the crops to be ready or speed them up with fertilizer. Then “take” (harvest) them all at once… again… no waiting for the Avatar. You will need the same amount of Energy and Coins to plant your crops. (Same as if you planted them yourself)

Doing the upgrade will give you another 50 “plots” for a total of 100.

Golden Frontier Green House stage 2 of 2

Again… you do NOT have to upgrade at all. 50 crops is pretty good without it, and the space saved from not having all those plots. Of course, you can still plant and harvest crops on your other Territories as well as still use the Greenhouse!


To use the Greenhouse, simply choose the crop you want to plant and click “select.” Then choose how many you want to plant by clicking the +1 or+10 button. Then Click the plant button. The cost, energy and growth time are all the same. They are just tallied up in total amounts instead of being subtracted individually. 

Golden Frontier Planting in the Greenhouse









After clicking the plant button, this is the next screen you will see. The timer shows how much time until your crops are ready. You can either leave it for the regular amount, or if you have plenty of Fertilizer, just click the “speed up” button, and the 50 Fertilizer will automatically be deducted from inventory, and your crops are ready to harvest.

Golden Frontier Green House Waiting









Finally, this is the last screen. Click the “take” button, and you get all 50! 

Golden Frontier Green House Taking Crop










Special Note: Keep an eye on your energy if you are using your greenhouse several times and using Fertilizer to speed up your crops. The Greenhouse will not plant any crops if you don’t have the energy to do so. (same as if manually planting)  I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why mine suddenly stopped working, and didn’t even think that I have used 500 energy already playing around with this! I must say, I love my Greenhouse, and happily paid the 59 Bucks it cost. Kudos to the Developers for coming out with this time saving building! I love not waiting around when I need to craft items, but need the crops. I will still plant manually, to be sure… But this makes a world of difference. 










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