Golden Frontier Unreleased “Immigration” Update

Dear friends, Arrange a warm welcome for ” immigrants” in our new updates! In this update: – Get your hospitality! – Help the tired guests to equip wagons on a long journey! – Build a greenhouse and forget about the tedious planting! – New original scenery.  You can grow plants and harvest faster, applying a minimum of effort, and yet it does not take up much space;) Be careful – the landing of plants in greenhouses uses Energy!  THIS ISN’T ENTIRELY COMPLETE INFO I am missing a couple recipes, but this will at least give you a head start on items you need should this update come to facebook!

Yes, we will have a Greenhouse, and it will speed things up a bit, but it will cost 59 bucks, same as the Garden… it is worth it!

Immigration Update











We will have the Travelers Club to build.

Traveler's Club









Here are the building Stages:

Stage 1

Stage 1










Travelers Club Stage 2

Stage 2











Stage 3

Stage 3











Here are the recipes made inside the Travelers Club

























Wagon Wheel

Wooden Wheel







Water Tank

Water Tank







The Wagon is quite unique. There are different materials used each time you build one. After you complete a wagon, it will disappear, and give you pretty good rewards including shares, bucks, collection items, etc. The drops are random each time, but if you can complete the building, will be very rewarding indeed! Here is an example of stage 1 for 2 different wagons.


Wagon 1 of 3










Wagon Stage 1









Now, here is a bit of Greenhouse info. The Greenhouse will be available for 59 bucks. Remember, where you place it, it stays. There isn’t a way to store and move buildings yet, so make your choice wisely!

You will be able to plant all the crops, up to 40 at a time. The time and energy you would normally use doing it manually is still the same, but the game will tell you exactly how much energy and coins will be used to plant your selection. You also will have the ability to speed up crop time with fertilizer. You can upgrade it for a cost of bucks, but usually, as with the garden, and enclosures, the upgrades have NOT been worth the cost of bucks. This will be a pretty neat feature, if you choose to spend your bucks on it. WHY?? You won’t have to wait for the avatar to manually plant and harvest your crops, and the crops are in the building, so it is a space saver as well! (remember: It will still use the same amount of Energy and coins)

You do not need to feel pressured to buy this. You can still plant and harvest crops the way you have always been doing it 😉








In the Stock Exchange there will be a new building… the Background Booth that will give glass and the new “Around the World ” collection.


Background Booth

Don’t forget: you can still craft some of the Halloween items and exchange them in the Trading Post for Gold Nuggets if you need them. Documents are still a free gift item. Using the Stock exchange and trading for Shares to get some of these Neat items will help you go the distance if you are choosing not to buy “Buck” items from the shop!





Around the World Collection








Turn in the new collection to receive 1 Leather, 25 exp and 25 coins.

Around the World Collection 1







New recipes made in the Textile Workshop:

























New Kitchen Recipe: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie







These are the quest that appeared on VK

Club of Travelers

Club of Travelers Quest










Big Crop

The Big Crop Quest










Build Club

Build Club Quest










Things in Road

Loaded Covered Wagon Quest










Loaded Covered Wagon













Warm Clothes.

Warm Clothes Quest

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