Golden Frontier Garden

Good News, with the Limited time “Festive”update was the release of the Garden. A great feature that will let us grow our own trees! Gone are the days of running out of wood and tree sap! For 59 Bucks, you can buy your Garden and start growing your trees today! FYI, the Garden is quite big. I regret placing it on Cloudy Lands… I may decide to delete it and save up more bucks to place it at the Ocean, where I have more room. I haven’t decided yet! Also, make sure you have plenty of Water!

BTW… even though this came with the Limited time Festive update for Halloween, it WILL be available for purchase after the update is over!


Golden Frontier Garden









Once purchased, there is 1 stage to build the Garden:

Golden Frontier Garden Stage 1










The workings are similar to the Enclosure. This is what it looks like on the inside. You will be able to grow 5 trees at a time. You can upgrade it to be able to grow 10 trees at a time, but it costs 30 bucks. I did the upgrade and honestly, I wish I wouldn’t have because the trees grow quickly enough without needing it!

Golden Frontier Garden Before Upgrade












Basically how it works is this: As soon as you add water, random trees will appear. There are 6 trees which will grow in the Garden. The Spruce Tree and Pine Tree (sap) Oak Tree and Maple Tree (wood) Birch Tree, (bark) and South Pine. (Pinewood)  The minimum amount of water to be added is 5. 2 trees will start growing if you add only 5 water.

Golden Frontier Ready Tree








Basic stages are this for each tree however, you can cheat a bit with times. As soon as you put water in the garden, random trees will appear. They will already be at the small stage. You can take them out right away if it is a tree you really don’t want to be big… example, we really do not use much pinewood right now, so I pull out the South Pine Trees right away. I am not going to grow a tree to large stage ( 90 chops/energy) to clear if I don’t use those resources. Same with the Birch. I do leave all the other trees in so they can grow bigger. It only takes 15 minutes to reach the medium level. Again, as soon as you add more water and the tree starts growing, you can remove it OR wait another 30 minutes to reach the Large stage. As soon as you water the trees the last time, you can actually remove the trees and place them… you do NOT have to wait the last 45 minutes for the tree to finish!

Golden Frontier Tree Growth Chart











Remember… this will take up a lot of room. Once you place it, your 59 bucks will be gone and it is NOT storable, and cannot be transferred to another Territory. (I already asked the Devs if they could transfer mine.)

GF conversation





You can move the garden around in a location, but it must be completely empty of Trees and Water or else you cannot move it! I personally love my Garden and being able to grow trees is spectacular! I think this is probably one of the best purchases we can make besides the Coffee House! Here is my Garden in Cloudy Lands. I have already grown about 100 trees, so it is no longer void of trees!

Golden Frontier My Cloudy Lands


























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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Garden

  1. Sheila White says:

    Can the trees after they are grown be be put in storage and placed in different locations?

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