Golden Frontier Unreleased Festive Update (Halloween Part 2)

The newest update released on VK is “Festive.” There are more items to craft for Vlad, (Dracula) more quests, and a new Garden you can purchase for 59 Bucks and be able to grow your own trees!

Festive Update







Newest crafts that Vlad will ask for and locations made are:

Black Candle (pottery)

Black Candle (pottery)

Black Candle (pottery)








Broom (workshop)

Broom (workshop)

Broom (workshop)









Caramel Candies (Kitchen)

Caramel Candies (Kitchen)

Caramel Candies (Kitchen)








Pumpkin Cake (Kitchen)

Pumpkin Cake (Kitchen)

Pumpkin Cake (Kitchen)








Witch Hat (textile workshop)

Witch Hat (textile Workshop)

Witch Hat (textile Workshop)








New Prizes to trade in!

Puppet Show: Wheel of fortune game ( like Saloon)

Puppet Show






Jester: Magic Cap game (like French Magician)







Tooth Fairy: gives sugar, seal, and random coffee collection item

Tooth Fairy






She-Devil: Gives rope, leather, and cowboy collection item.







Bell Tower: gives Pumpkin Cake, and a circus collection item.

Bell Tower






Fireworks: Harvests 50 resources in blast range ( must be better than dynamite!)







Festive Parcel: Open and get gifts!

Festive Parcel






Cover -3 Hours ( accelerates a bonus decoration  item by 3 hours)

Cover 3 hours






The Garden is a new feature to the game that will allow us to plant, water and place our own trees as decor or resources.







Here is the info given:

Trees Info




I myself plan on purchasing one when this gets released… So will put all data and pictures when available!

Here are the Quests released on VK:

Collect Coins: Basically, collect 15 coins from trading with Vlad

Collect Coins Quest








Big Holiday: Collect 100 coins, make 2 feather decorations, make 3 Writer’s Autographs.

Big Holiday Quest











Holiday Entertainment: Make 1 Pumpkin Cake, Make 1 Caramel Candies, Make 1 picnic

Holiday Entertainments Quest













Neighbors’ Holiday: 30 neighbor actions ( not including totems and circus tents) Send 15 sugar, send 15 confetti

Neighbors Holiday Quest













Holiday Attributes: Make 1 Broom, Make 1 Witch Hat, Make 1 Black Candle

Holiday Attributes Quest






















Holiday Attributes

Holiday Attributes Quest



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