Golden Frontier Unreleased Costume Update

The Costume update has been released on the VK server and hopefully will soon come to Facebook! It seems quite like the “Artist Update.” We will make items to get “festive coins” that we can use to buy bonus items! This will be a 2 week event…. after 2 weeks you will not be able to craft or use Vlad… but you can keep him as a decoration! We will be planting pumpkins for this update… we will find out if it will be a permanent crop or if it is temporarily in just for this update… You can be sure, the new crafts are probably temporary just as the crafts for the Artist and Indian updates were!

Costume Update








Costume 1








Costume 2








Costume 3









Vlad  is similar to the Artist with easel. He will ask you for an item, and you have to give it to him! Be forewarned… he may just ask for the same item several times in a row… It’s not a glitch and nothing wrong with your game!

He’s kinda cute!


Click on him, and he will ask for an item.

If memory serves correctly… the longer and harder the craft is, the more coins you will receive when he asks!



Vlad 2










Vlad 1










I didn’t look at the info for the Witch or Gargoyle bought with bucks!

The Witch bought with the coins looks like she will give energy, experience and element of Wool Collection.

Frankenstein looks like it will give energy and element of Cowboy collection.

The Ghost House will play a Spinning Wheel like the Mimes do… Here is what the Wheel looks like: It definitely is something to go for!!

Spinning Wheel Reward












Pair of cats looks like it gives a fish and element of fishermen’s collection.

Clown looks like it will give a paper and element of travelers collection.

Jack-o-lantern is cute decor!

NOTE: If the Energy, Experience and Coins work the way they did for the Artist update, you can get double the earned experience and coins for 24 hours, and the energy bar will fill quicker than normal. ( all of that is the same as if you spent the cash with the pop-ups in game for the same items)

Crafting information:

Scarecrow is made in the Smithy

Scarecrow (Smithy)








Pumpkin Head is made in the Kitchen

Pumpkin Head (Kitchen)







Cobweb is made in the Barn

Cobweb (Barn)







Caramel Apple is made in the Barn

Caramel Apple (barn)







Cloak is made in the Textile Workshop

Cloak textile workshop








pumpkin  Pumpkin crops.. will be 150 coins per plot and take 30 minutes!





Now… I Know this is a night landscape… And I believe we will also need to craft items to be able to fill it in for a reward… I am not sure of anything else for this.

Night Landscape






Another confusing thing at the moment is the Bats… the recipes say they are made in the clown… or I think the clown may do something with the bats… I am not sure at all how the bats tie in with the clown… If/when I find out, I ill update the info… Chatter on the VK page is about eating mice… So no idea!!

Here is the bat making info!

Rare Bat

Rare Bat








Bat Made in clown








Right now it only looks as if there are 4 simple quests for this update…

Quest 1

Quest 1













Quest 2

Quest 2













Quest 3

Quest 3













Quest 4

Quest 4







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