Golden Frontier Unreleased Archaeological Island Update

The Archaeological Island may be coming in a couple weeks… possibly 10/22/2015. You will need to have your Clipper built in order to travel to the new territory. We haven’t received that update yet. As I receive more info, it will be updated here! NOTE: **** TIMED MISSION INVOLVED!****


Golden Frontier Unreleased Archaeology Update











Golden Frontier Needing Clipper










Here is a peek of what it looks like

New area 1





Note: You will not be able to build the Pyramid or Archaeology Tent anywhere else but in the new Archaeological Territory!

Archaeology Update Page 1










Archaeology Update Page 2










Archaeology Update Page 3








These will be the new items to trade for in the Trading Post

ArchaeologyTrading Post Page 1












Trading Post Page 2









New resources…. Using Dynamite and Maybe the paint brush to receive some items at random drops to trade in the trading post.

new resources 3













Archaeology Tent building information

Archaeology Tent Stage 1

Archaeology Tent Stage 1











Archaeology Tent Stage 2

Archaeology Tent Stage 2











The Pyramid is built in 5 stages. Like several of the other timed missions, you have 3 items to craft toward the stages, and an item you can use bucks toward building.

Golden Frontier Pyramid








These are the levels to building up the pyramid

Golden Frontier Pyramid Levels













These new recipes can only be crafted in the Archaeology tent in the Archaeological Territory!

Large Brush Recipe (adds 40 points)

Large Brush

Large Brush Recipe









Stairs Recipe (adds 20 points)


Stairs Recipe









Torch Recipe (adds 5 points)


Torch Recipe









These are the Quests that we received on the Russian Server: Not every quest may be the same when it comes here on facebook!

Ancient Pyramid Note: after this quest, starts the 14 day timer!

Ancient Pyramid Quest









Completion of the Expedition (14 day timed quest)

Completion f the Expidition Quest













Organ Archaeologist

Organ Archaeologist Quest












Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins Quest










Archaeologist Tools

Archaeologist Tools Quest

























































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