Golden Frontier Unreleased Indian Update

Another timed mission awaits us and new Totems that are similar to Circus tents.











There will be a new item to add to our wish list available in the “free gifts.” I believe it will translate to “buckskin.”








Here is the Shop for the Indian Update

Indian shop page 1 Indian shop page 2 Indian shop page 3




























This starts as a 2 week timed mission… no putting this off! You purchase your Teepee/Wigwam and begin filling it… No building stages!










Here are all the filling stages except for stage 3… . didn’t get that one… sorry! But I believe it translates to a Wolf!

Level 1

Level 1










Teepee Level 2

Level 2










Teepee Level 4

Level 4











This is the 5th level… but I believe if translation is correct that you must be in the TOP 100 to receive it.

Teepee level 5


Note: The Mask costs Bucks… don’t pay bucks… just craft the others!







Here is the crafting information. 

Tooth Necklace (+5) Crafted in the Barn

tooth necklace







Drum (+20) Crafted in the Workshop








Bow and Arrows (+40) Crafted in the Smithy

bow and arrow

Start getting ready asap!!!





The Totem is like the Circus tents with 4 levels and gifting at the end. You still can only have 5 clicks on a neighbor… Extra Guest Actions will not work. This is a bit easier since there is only 1 stage to build, so more neighbors will be able to have them, thus giving all of us more energy. Be sure to place them where you landed so neighbors can click them easy!





















Building the Totem

Totem Stage 1


Note, for 1 totem you need 10 drafts, 5 axes and 3 wood beams!







Visiting your neighbor’s totem is just like a circus tent with one exception… there is another item you can craft (Black Head Dress) and instead of just clicking the “tube” (just like the ticket) you can opt to give the head dress and collect a better prize!

visiting a neighbors totem









Black Head Dress Recipe (made in textile workshop)

head dress








Here are the quests regarding the update

Teepee Quest 1 Teepee quest 2 Teepee Quest 3 Tepee Quest 5 Totem Quest 1 Totem quest 2 Totem Quest 3











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