Golden Frontier Unreleased “Port” Update

This update is a continued progression of the new Coastal Territory. In this one, we will build our Clipper… and send it out to get Gold Nuggets. (similar to the Locomotive at the River)

Lots of new recipes, and a seagull to buy with shares!

Port Release










Golden Frontier Unreleased Ship












A look at the Shop items!

Port Market Page 1 Port Market Page 2



















Clipper building information

Stage 1

Stage 1











Stage 2

Stage 2










Stage 3

Stage 3












Port Building Information

Port Stage 1











Dock Stage 2










Dock Stage 3











New crafts in Harry’s Hut:

























Fish Trap

Fish Trap






New Fishing Nets Building Recipes:

Crows Nest/Mast

Crows nest






















Quests associated with the new update

Quest 1 Quest 2 Quest 3 Quest 4 Quest 5 Quest 6 Quest 7 Quest 8 Quest 9

















































































Getting Nuggets… This works the same as sending out the Locomotive Train at the River.


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3 Responses to Golden Frontier Unreleased “Port” Update

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  2. Nadja says:

    why arent your updates not corresponding to real missions?????? first clipper building is not that what you mentioned……….. please give us correct update missions, it would be much easier for beginners if they could get correct informations and helping people will not craft wrong things to help I am staying hours to post updates in my group but it is not usefull if they are wrong……… please please please make updatesa correctly….

    • Bad Kitty says:

      Please note, these are UNRELEASED according to the Russian Server, and may change when released to the Facebook version of the game. This is meant to be a heads up!

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